Advising and Assessment

THINK Global School’s interdisciplinary and experiential curriculum, flexible schedules, and small class sizes give us the ability to individually tailor the educational process. TGS teachers monitor learning and growth, carefully reviewing the progress of each student to ensure that they are receiving the appropriate amount of academic support. In order to help students reach their full potential, teachers are available for additional tutoring upon request.

Because every child has a different learning style and an evolving set of emotional and developmental needs, we have also created a supportive advisory system. Each student is assigned to one teacher, who serves as his or her advisor throughout the school year. Developing a strong personal relationship with an adult mentor contributes to our students’ intellectual and social growth, and can help smooth the occasional intervals of turbulence generated by adolescence and world travel. Advisors also serve as liaisons for parents who have any questions or concerns about their child’s academic development.

Assessment System

Each teacher makes formal, cumulative assessments of students’ work at least twice per term. Prior to the assessments, students are informed of the criteria by which their work will be graded. The TGS faculty communicates regularly with students and parents, sharing grades and narrative assessments of each student’s progress. TGS emails students and their families six formal, written reports per year. These are sent at the end of each term in December, March, and June. After the reports have been emailed, conferences between parents and TGS faculty are held via Skype. Parents can also access additional, confidential information about their child’s academic progress at any time via the parent portal on THINK Spot. A transcript is produced for each student at the end of the academic year. Upon written request by a parent or guardian, the TGS Office of Student Services will send a student’s transcript to other institutions.