Sample Weekly Schedule

Schedules at TGS are flexible and fluid. The underlying structure is built to adapt to any of the unique prospects for learning that might pop up during the week. Why follow an agenda that doesn’t leave room for impromptu opportunities and spectacular experiences?

Each week, teachers meet to coordinate and update the class schedule. If one teacher needs more time for a particular lesson, she gets it. If timing needs to shift to accommodate a special event, that’s a snap. If two teachers want to tag team a certain subject, blending their areas of expertise into a more cohesive lesson or activity, it’s no problem. The key is that TGS teachers, students, and schedules are flexible enough to accommodate whatever may come their way.

This doesn’t mean that a particular subject can be completely forgotten or abandoned: teachers keep close tabs on the number of hours spent on a subject, making sure that by the end of the term the hourly allocations have been equal and fair, and that students have met the learning criteria for each course.

Sample Weekly Schedule

To show you what our schedule actually looks like, click below to view a snapshot of our live schedule during the first 4 weeks of our Beijing term: