Student Living


…’s just kind of surreal how much history we have together and how we will always be a part of each others’ lives even after we leave — both physically and in spirit.

–Comment by THINK Global School student Yuan Yuan K.

For TGS students, education doesn’t stop at the close of the school day. Opportunities for learning are all around us wherever we go, because everywhere we go is new, different and interesting. Even in the dormitories, there is a constant interchange between teachers and students. Class discussions, one-to-one mentoring and foreign language practice can be heard during everyday conversation and over meals. This intense learning immersion can be demanding at times, but it is ultimately very rewarding for all involved.

In the process, TGS students learn to be dependable and responsible members of our school community. We also project these values outwardly by treating our host city neighbors with tolerance and sensitivity and by treating our physical environment with the appropriate care.


TGS provides lodgings in each host city. Students, teachers and staff live, work and eat together as we travel the world. All accommodations meet the standards of a top-quality boarding school, but no two facilities are quite the same, and students benefit from experiencing a variety of living situations within different cultural settings. Students usually share rooms or apartments, always with classmates of the same gender. At least two faculty or staff members are on duty and available at all times in the residence. While on duty, these supervisors are responsible for enforcing school rules, maintaining the safety of all students in their care, and identifying and addressing problem situations.


We provide nutritious food to our students so they can perform their best in the classroom and build the kind of community that only comes from sharing a table. We also believe cuisine is an integral part of learning and understanding a culture, so our meals usually feature local fare. Students are exposed to a variety of food experiences during their time in each city, eating at restaurants, outdoor markets, local homes, and school cafeterias. TGS also arranges cooking lessons when they are available, providing students with a chance to experiment hands-on with local ingredients and flavors. Special dietary needs should be discussed with school staff prior to enrolling at TGS.

Extracurricular Activities – Life Outside of Schoolwork

Because we believe in a curriculum without walls or limits, the boundary between “school” and “life” at TGS is much thinner than it would be at a more traditional school. Night and weekend activities provide further opportunities for learning, adventure and fun. We might attend an educational workshop with a local expert, take advantage of museums or educational events in our host city, or head out of the city for a scientific or cultural trip. We also make sure to give students plenty of time to recharge their batteries, gather their thoughts and study for classes.

Sport and fitness activities are important to healthy development and build trust, self-control, and teamwork. Our athletic pursuits so far have included everything from rock climbing to aikido, and sports like soccer and tennis have proven popular regardless of our location. We also make arrangements with our host schools to offer intramural competitions.

Students are encouraged to pursue the social, artistic, musical, and athletic activities that interest them. Whenever possible, we try to draw connections between these pursuits and the formal academic program; however, because of its vigorous schedule, TGS would not be a good match if you prefer to focus strongly on one activity or skill that occupies the majority of your daily attention (e.g. if you are training to become a professional tennis player or a concert violinist).


The StudentLIFE Team lives with the students and supervises them whenever they are not in class. They work to engage the students in meaningful activities while also helping to develop important life skills. StudentLIFE offers support and guidance to students as they travel the globe, learning about the world, themselves, and each other.


Families are responsible for the punctual arrival of their children to each of the three TGS locations during the academic year. Students from similar geographic locations often book the same itinerary so they can travel together. However, the school can also arrange for airline staff to accompany students during their flights. A TGS staff member greets students at the airport when they land. During the term, students travel the host city the way locals do, truly experiencing the atmosphere and culture of each place we visit. We walk, take public and private transport, and often travel by land, air, and sea — sometimes all within a single term. On the date of departure from the host city, a TGS staff member accompanies students to the airport.

Health and Safety

TGS values its commitment to the intellectual, emotional, and physical well-being of its students. Students receive comprehensive guidance in the necessities of keeping and maintaining good health, including regular exercise and a healthy diet. The Head of School and all StudentLIFE staff have Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA) certification, including CPR. If a student becomes ill or injured, TGS makes sure he or she receives proper, immediate medical attention. When a student needs to miss several days of classes due to illness or injury, teachers are accommodating. TGS promptly informs parents of any serious health problems.

TGS provides medical insurance to all students during the academic school year. Access to health and medical services is arranged through prior agreements with local service providers. There are times when a student may require the service of a professional counselor to help resolve personal difficulties. TGS will address specific situations on a case-by-case basis.

Safety and security are important concerns for any school, but particularly for a school that travels to so many different nations and geographic regions. Each host city location has different circumstances and risk factors. Students are expected to follow all school safety guidelines, and our faculty and staff monitor their whereabouts at all times; they cannot leave our classroom facilities or living quarters without permission. Our security solutions incorporate the latest technology and trained personnel to ensure an anxiety-free experience for all involved.

The TGS Community

THINK Global School is a unique and exciting educational adventure, but it is also a close-knit family that makes sure students have the daily structure and individual attention they need to mature and develop. It is a well-run boarding school operation that provides comfortable and clean residential accommodations and a safe learning and teaching environment.