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weXplore Scotland: our journey told through photos

  • October 7, 2015

  • by Nick Martino

It is really difficult to describe how our time in Scotland has affected me. The sheer size and beauty of the Highland’s hills left me not only in awe, but it was also a very humbling experience. I believe that the things I experienced here have shown me that we all are part of a bigger whole, and that we should never forget that we have a role to play...

August 24, 2012

Fancy a headphone party by the Vienna State Opera?

by Lindsay Clark

On June 30th, 2012, students and staff moseyed into the shadows of the Vienna State Opera, iPhones in hand. A cue from three student DJs set the entire TGS community into dance mode simultaneously. The mix was an audio project for the three students in newMedia Lab, a weekly time block for grades 9 and 10 that supports the development of new media skills. The experience was a memorable one...

July 30, 2012

An engaging look at Nazi Germany with Dr. Pearson

by Lindsay Clark

While conducting classes in Berlin, Germany, THINK Global School received many visits from Dr. Joseph Pearson, a Cambridge historian, writer, and resident of Germany's capital. In one of these enlightening lectures, Dr. Pearson had the students analyze whether they believe an individual or the collective can change history. Following this discussion, Dr. Pearson equipped the students to look at the Nazi Regime through various historical perspectives, including: political, social, cultural,...

June 14, 2012

Students inquire about the Holocaust with Dr. Joseph Pearson

by Lindsay Clark

THINK Global School faculty and students had the privilege of receiving Cambridge historian Dr. Joseph Pearson as a visiting lecturer in Berlin. In the following videos, Dr. Pearson discusses with our students some perplexing realities of concentration camps during the Holocaust. In this discussion with grade 9 student Yuan Yuan, Dr. Pearson explains how those who worked in and survived the concentration camps were among the few who weren't immediately...

June 11, 2012

Germany’s Creative Arts curriculum & the Berlin Biennale

by Lindsay Clark

BERLIN-BASED ARTIST and Creative Arts teacher for Germany Cécile B. Evans explains this term's curriculum and the students' final project at the Berlin Biennale. In this video, students visit the exhibition and express their impressions of various works. The culminating assessment of Creative Arts in Germany is the creation of audio guides, written and recorded by TGS students, that visitors to the Biennale can use to experience this politically-charged exhibition....

Students prepare for Model United Nations at the Baltic Sea

by Lindsay Clark

In March of this year, students transformed into delegates at the Model United Nations assembly in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This activity was a first for TGS, one widely heralded as a worthwhile experience. This month, 19 of our students returned to the action at BALMUN (Baltic MUN) conference in Rostock, Germany. Four other students acted as TGS press and documented the experience with articles, photography, and film. The following are...

June 7, 2012

5 things learned on the trip to Bavaria

by Monique Lefebvre

1. There's no pity for the wee-dance. Much to the dismay of everyone who needed a toilet during pitstops, the privilege of relieving oneself costs .70 Euro in addition to the cost of time waiting in a queue. It's a bit like adding insult to injury because on top of the inevitable queue for the loo, you may have to run back to the bus to find change for your...

May 28, 2012

Creative Arts class participates in the creation of global art

by Lindsay Clark

CREATIVE ARTS TEACHER Cécile B Evans explains Art By Telephone, a recent activity students participated in with artists and audience members across the globe. In one afternoon, TGSers became creators of global art along with Timur Si-Qin, Lindsay Lawson, and Lucky PDF. The event was live streamed in Australia at an arts festival with onlookers taking part in the constructive dialogue. Within minutes of completion of an art piece, a...

May 26, 2012

Wide streets and block buildings: Soviet architecture in Berlin

by Andrew McLean

BY THE TIME THE SOVIETS arrived in Berlin in 1945, much of it had been bombed by the Allies. The Soviets appropriated the telephone exchanges, streetcars, and anything else that was useful in Moscow, leaving the city a skeleton. Once the city was divided, the architects began the rebuilding process and were eager to create buildings that would leave a legacy. What was once known as Stalin Allee is now...

May 12, 2012

Humanities integrate at the Wannsee Haus

by Lindsay Clark

GLOBAL STUDIES TEACHER Andrew McLean and World Literature teacher Irene Krugman coordinated a visit to the Wannsee Haus where the conference for the Final Solution took place. At the Wannsee conference, Hitler's top officers developed the document that led to the death of millions of Jews.

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