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Summer reading comes alive, the Queen of Water visits

Maria Virginia

She finally escaped the mestizo family that essentially enslaved her and pursued her grade school education. After receiving her diploma, she cried in front of the building, so happy to finally go to high school. Today, she is motivated to tell her story to other kids, hoping they realize they are in charge of their own lives.

Asking questions at the Incapirca ruins in Ecuador

THINK Global School students and staff roam the grounds of Incapirca, the largest Incan ruins in Ecuador. Moving through the foundations with a guide, some ask about Cañari agriculture, others wonder about gender roles, and all put the pieces of Cañari history together with the Spanish Conquest.

A typical TGS Sunday, visiting Incan ruins

Screen Shot 2011-11-16 at 10.53.57 AM

Students meandered through the layout of the ruins, running their hands over the perfectly chiseled rocks that interlock like a puzzle. This is Ecuador’s largest known and most significant ruin site.

Students star in and run the THINK Film Festival

Willem and Hudson at the THINK Film Festival in Cuenca

They organized the event, made posters, invited friends from Colegio Aleman Stiehle Cuenca, set up the room, bought snacks and beverages; they even arranged an awards ceremony at the end. I knew we had an intelligent bunch, but the creativity and talent that was on display was fantastic.

Galapagos in photographs

sea lions galapagos

TGS students began the month of October by flying – with permanent smiles and cameras prepped – to the Galapagos islands for two weeks of studies and experiential learning.

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