Become A Partner School

We welcome opportunities to collaborate with students and teachers around the world.

At TGS, one of our central beliefs is that students learn best from diverse collaborations with their counterparts all around the world. That’s why we work closely with three host schools every year to create a shared educational experience with a global perspective. Yet even the rotating host school system only scratches the surface of what is possible in a truly global classroom. We are also eager to partner with other students and teachers around the world for a mutually engaging interchange of learning and culture.

A TGS partner classroom can be located anywhere in the world. You’ll connect with the TGS classroom through a virtual learning collaboration that enriches and enhances educational opportunities for all participants. We would love for these relationships to be ongoing, with TGS and its partner schools pursuing a shared educational mission.

Schools can partner with TGS by:

  • Connecting students from both classrooms via Skype video calls
  • Creating a shared activity hosted on the TGS SpotX website
  • Coordinating lesson plans for a mutual learning experience
  • Exchanging, comparing, and analyzing information about your city and the one we are currently visiting (geography, culture, economics, etc.)
  • Another shared project suggestion of your creation

We welcome your thoughts and insights. We also want to hear your suggestions or proposals for future TGS host city locations.

Please submit your suggestions and ideas to Ashley Silver using the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!