On April 25th, 2015, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake stuck in Nepal — the country’s worst in 80 years. Nepali Nangsal Lama, an intern during our first year of operation, has shared details about the dire circumstances surrounding her village in the Manaslu region. Due to the high altitude, it is difficult for many NGOs to reach this area. If you’d like to help provide shelter, food, and medical supplies, a fundraising campaign has been set up to directly help the residents of the Manaslu region. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the earthquake.


Staff Employment

THINK Global School has and continues to be the ideal workplace for me. Caring deeply about the cause and students is energizing, and that energy is apparent throughout the entire team.

-Lee Carlton, IT Analyst

Coordinating the activities of the world’s first global high school is no easy task. We are always looking to expand the scope of our educational offering and get things done more efficiently. Our workplace is a tightly knit community, with a culture emphasizing exploration and innovation. Some of us have a long background in education, while some have entered the field more recently, bringing other skills and approaches to a newfound passion.

Some positions require periodic travel. We welcome contributions of all shapes and sizes, so please approach us with solutions we say we need, or better yet solutions we didn’t even know we needed until you suggested them.

TGS values diversity and wants to build a truly international administrative staff. We invite candidates from all cultural, ethnic, and national backgrounds to apply for the positions listed below.

Current Openings:

There are currently no positions available. However, we welcome all applications for future openings that become available.

Interested applicants can submit their resume and cover letter using the form below. While a cover letter is preferred, if you choose not to include one please specify the nature of your application within the Message Body field.
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Do you have ideas for volunteering? Suggested solutions? Email with your ideas.