What Is Wrists for Rights?

When it comes to problems like the lack of education in human rights, things like that which we can change, to leave without a trace is to never have been there at all.

-Yada P., Student

Wrists for Rights is a student-led organization concerning children’s rights all over the world.
All funds are donated to the organization I’m Colourblind, which promotes education of children’s rights.

All 11 bracelets represent a different right. These rights are based off the 10 most basic articles in the Convention on the Rights of the Child, plus an additional design created by the students of THINK Global School. Collect, trade, and share! These bracelets make a colorful addition to any collection. Make a statement. Start a trend. Help everyone know their rights by having them on your arms. These rights, are literally, in your hands. To learn more about empowering the cause, visit our involvement page to learn how to order your own wristbands.

Wrists for Rights connects, helps, and has projects in each of the countries that THINK Global School travels to, spreading children’s rights wherever TGS goes. Check back in the future for updates as we help spread the word over the course of our travels and studies.

Bracelet sales help COSA build a communal kitchen

September 15, 2012


Since the inception of Wrists for Rights, our overarching goal has been to leave a self-sustaining footprint on the communities that THINK Global School visits during the school year. Recently we received word that our actions had resulted in just that, and the feeling of joy for those that have benefited from our actions is more »

Wrists for Rights bakes it up for the BBIS talent show

September 11, 2012

Yada helps out during the bake sale

With only a little bit of flour, cornflakes, condensed milk, chocolate, oatmeal, apple, and honey, Hannah, Alice, and Maya, three of TGS’s most talented bakers, whipped up amazing delicacies. In two hours, chocolate muffins, apple crumble, caramelized apples, brownies, and chocolate cake appeared on the plates. Hannah reflected: Even though we were lacking in some more »

The children are our future

June 5, 2012


“The children are our future.” A’ntonia said, her eyes staring off, distant. “If we don’t start educating and preparing our children, whether they’re black, white, or yellow, we would only be ruining our future.” In many places, like Israel and North Korea, children are stripped of their rights. These include the right to play and more »

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