Host Schools

Our first few weeks of study in Germany have had connections to almost everything that we do. Having intertwined classes at TGS is very important, because it really satisfies our craving for place-based learning. From weXplore events, to talks with Joseph, to reading our books in world lit, we have deepened our ideas on the country that we are currently visiting!


– Blog post by TGS student Isaac

In each country we visit, THINK Global School partners with a local host school. The host schools provide classroom facilities, science labs, and other learning spaces for our students. TGS host schools do much more than offer a physical site for learning: they offer an opportunity to share and cooperate.

One of our central beliefs is that students learn best from diverse collaborations with their peers. Our teachers and students work closely with their counterparts at the host school, fostering cultural exchange and mutual learning. This could mean group activities and trips, shared meals and sports opportunities, or just hanging out after school.

Click on a host school’s name to learn more about its location:

Host School: Hiroshima International School

2013-2014 Term 2
Hiroshima, Japan

Host School: International School Moshi

2013-2014 Intersession
Kiliminjaro, Tanzania

Host School: Indus International School

2013-2014 Term 1
Hyderabad, India

Host School: British School of Boston

2012-2013 Term 2
Boston, United States

Host School: St. Xavier's College

2012-13 Term 1
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Host School: BBIS

2011-2012 Term 3
Berlin, Germany

Host School: PTIS

2011-2012 Term 2
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Host School: Colegio Alemán Stiehle

2011-2012 Term 1
Cuenca, Ecuador

Host School: BISS International School

2010-2011 Term 3
Beijing, China

Host School: MLC School

2010-2011 Term 2
Sydney, Australia

Host School: Young Business Creatives

2010-2011 Term 1
Stockholm, Sweden

How to be a TGS host school

We partner with innovative schools in each city we visit. TGS host schools:

  • are open-minded about working with people from different cultures and backgrounds
  • offer a curriculum that challenges the individual student and takes a holistic approach to learning
  • are excited about a free-flowing exchange of knowledge between their students and faculty and those of TGS
  • believe in the importance of integrating technology into the classroom experience

Why Become a Host School?

TGS host schools expose their students to a diverse array of perspectives and cultures. Your students 
will help us pioneer a new model for collaborative global education. As a Host School,
 you will:

  • Join an exclusive network of TGS Host Schools around the globe, connecting your school to present resources and future opportunities
  • Participate in the TGS weXplore program, giving your students and teachers opportunities to interact with local and global thought leaders
  • Gain worldwide exposure for your school through our strong international online and social media presences
  • Partner with TGS in community service projects, building citizenship and improving the local community
  • Develop life-long friendships

The relative flexibility of our schedule and curriculum makes it easy for TGS to work with each host school’s unique needs and requirements.To learn more about partnering with TGS as a host school, please contact Ashley Silver using the form below.