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Art, science, and politics in the center of Europe

Where would the world be without X-rays, aspirin, nuclear fission, or gummy bears? Students pondered the importance of these classic German inventions over the course of our term in Berlin, a counter-cultural mecca that’s been a world leader in science, technology, commerce, philosophy, and the arts for centuries.

Students learned about propaganda and tolerance in the shadow of World War II that still hangs over the city, engaging in long discussions and heated debates in the classrooms of Berlin Brandenburg International School. Lessons in the arts and politics came to life during expeditions to the world-renowned Biennale art exhibition, the site of the Wannsee Conference, and a Model UN session at the Baltic Sea.

During our Germany term we spent a week traversing Europe for the first ever THINK Global School’s Amazing Race: a five-day event consisting of a series of team-based challenges. While surrounded by Prague’s many golden spires we scavenged for locks on the John Lennon Wall and belted out our best renditions of The Beatles “Let It Be.” After moving on to Budapest we took a visit to Heroes’ Square and rode a funicular (cable car) up Castle Hill. In our dankest challenge, we headed underground to explore the complex system of labyrinths located beneath Buda Castle. Next, we boarded trains and made our way to Austria. While enraptured by the beautiful pathways, bridges, and winding roads of Salzburg we engaged in a series of Mozart-themed challenges. We also visited the Mirabell Palace Gardens, made famous by the film “The Sound of Music,” and posed for pictures among the brightly colored flowers. The race ended at Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace, a former imperial summer home containing an astounding 1,441 rooms, where students were able to place the opulent surroundings in a cultural and historical context thanks to history lessons conducted onsite and in the classroom.

Maya and Hannah at the summit of Mt. Wank (Bavaria)


Niche Architecture Tour with Katharina Beckmann
•Visit to the House of the Wannsee Conference
•Berlin Bike Tour with Carolin Würfel
Biennale art exhibition
Anzac Day Memorial at the 1939-45 War Cemetery
•Dachau Concentration Camp
•May Day trip to Munich
•Clay oven making
Wank Mountain hike in Bavaria
•Fernsehturm TV Tower
Model United Nations at the Baltic Sea
•Jewish Museum Berlin
•The TGS Amazing Race

Impressions of Germany

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