On April 25th, 2015, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake stuck in Nepal — the country’s worst in 80 years. Nepali Nangsal Lama, an intern during our first year of operation, has shared details about the dire circumstances surrounding her village in the Manaslu region. Due to the high altitude, it is difficult for many NGOs to reach this area. If you’d like to help provide shelter, food, and medical supplies, a fundraising campaign has been set up to directly help the residents of the Manaslu region. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the earthquake.


Science class underwater in the Galapagos

THINK Global School does many things that no other school does, one of which is travel perpetually. Classes integrate with the surrounding environment and utilize available teaching moments for experiential learning.

Two weeks in the Galapagos islands off mainland Ecuador allow for an exciting approach to the study of biology, among other subjects and activities. Science teacher Jarret Voytilla, along with visiting guides and professors, instruct students to observe, measure, and learn ‘in the field,’ surrounded by turtles, sea lions, sting rays, and marine iguanas.

Feature image by Joann McPike

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