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Understanding Cohorts at THINK Global School

Two cohorts. One transformative experience.

When we first launched as a school in 2010, we never thought to refer to ourselves as anything but that — a school. Fast forward to today when we have two groups of students traveling in parallel, and the term school becomes a little trickier to define. Moving forward you’ll learn about Changemaker Cohort 1 (CM1) and Changemaker Cohort 2 (CM2), the terms we adopted to describe our two groups of students that are separate in travel but united in learning.

New students at THINK Global School (TGS)  begin their transformative journey in the United Kingdom during the ten-day Rite of Passage. This is where you’ll ground yourself into our community and become empowered to be the director of your own learning through a series of team-building exercises and exposure to our core values. Following the Rite of Passage you’ll branch off into your respective cohort, joining either CM1 or CM2, and embarking on your own path towards completing the Changemaker Curriculum.

Read on to find out more information about cohorts at TGS.

Do all TGS students travel together?

While both cohorts travel to the same twelve countries, they do so on a different timeline. Each cohort visits four countries per year for a duration of eight weeks, with a five-week break to rest and reconnect with family and friends in between terms. Since it launched a year after CM1, CM2 always follows the same travel cycle that CM1 did the previous year. Here are the upcoming countries for the 2020-21 school year.

Which countries will I go to?

Upon your acceptance into TGS, you will be placed in a particular cohort depending on available openings and student body demographics. As a TGS student, you have the opportunity to be a part of either CM1 or CM2. If you join CM1, you will go to Botswana, India, Japan, and Spain  for the 2020-21 school year. If you join CM2, you will go to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Australia, Chile, and Italy for the 2020-21 school year.

Can I apply to a specific cohort?

Admission applications are to the THINK Global School program, rather than to a specific cohort. Candidates should be prepared to enter either cohort, and their placement will be determined by the school upon acceptance. Both cohorts offer the same world-class, progressive TGS curriculum.

How do the cohorts interact with one another?

For the most part, our cohorts are run independently of one another. This is in large part due to the physical distance that exists between the cohorts while in country and our focus on modules and projects specific to the environmental, cultural, social, and economic concerns of the places we inhabit. It would be difficult for students engaged in Chinese-themed modules to interact in an academic manner with students currently exploring conservation themes in Botswana, and vice versa. That being said, we do actively encourage students from both cohorts to interact socially with one another, and our educators continuously work together to share feedback on improving modules and in-country experiences.

There are two occasions when both cohorts come together to interact and bond. The first occurs at the start of a student’s TGS experience, when they join our educators in a rigorous ten-day wilderness experience, the Rite of Passage mentioned in the introduction. This serves as an opportunity to learn the TGS “ropes” by participating in a series of mentored team-building exercises while grounding themselves within our community. All new students are required to take part in the TGS Rite of Passage, which, beginning in 2019, will take place in a remote section of Northern England.

This new Northern England Rite of Passage experience will provide an opportunity for our students from both cohorts to mix together and forge friendships — a boon for our entire community. Additionally, 2-4 returning students will serve as leaders during the experience, as we anticipate their insights on academics and student life at TGS will make them a highly useful resource for new attendees.

Upon the successful completion of their Rite of Passage, new students will immediately join returning students in the first country of that year’s travel cycle. For CM1 students, that means traveling to Botswana for the first term of the 2020-21 school year. For CM2 students, they will join their returning classmates in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The second time the cohorts intermix is during our end-of-year festivities, when we celebrate the culmination of personal projects and exemplary module work during the Student Symposium, and honor our graduating students during their graduation. By this time, both of our cohorts will contain many students who have undertaken at least one of the same travel cycles (a four country leg of our travel calendar), providing them with ample opportunities to socialize, reflect, and compare and contrast their time in country and resulting project and module work.

Will I have the same teachers in every country?

Yes, our faculty and staff travel together with students through each travel cycle, year after year, developing strong bonds as they explore the world together. Both of our cohorts are staffed by a team of educators, counselors, and support staff whose sole purpose is to help your child flourish during their adolescent years, a critical period of cognitive and emotional growth. Each cohort is led up by a principal: Adnan Mackovic for CM1 and Russell Cailey for CM2. Our Head of School, Jamie Steckart, oversees the operations of both cohorts and maintains consistency in the pedagogical and developmental approaches practiced by both cohorts.

Adi, Adnan and Amelie discuss the data for their presentations about bore holes

Like a traditional schooling experience, your child will become accustomed to seeing the same familiar faces, wherever they go. And given that our faculty and staff typically remain at TGS for many years, there is a strong possibility that your child will maintain the same caring counselors and enthusiastic educators across all countries visited each year.

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Ready to embark on the educational journey of a lifetime?

A passion for travel. A strong academic record. And the desire to improve the world as you experience it. If this sounds like you, you just might be our ideal candidate! Start your application with a five-minute inquiry form - you never know where you might end up.

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