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China, Oman, Costa Rica, Greece

Visits to natural and manmade wonders like Machu Picchu, the Great Barrier Reef, Stari Most, and the Sistine Chapel will have our students seeing the world in a whole new light.

Photo by Athena Lam
Photo by Athena Lam


Summer 2018

This highly traditional society is turning towards the future

It has been fifty years since the dawn of Mao’s Cultural Revolution, and while the Great Leap Forward proved to be anything but, China now finds itself the envy of the developed world. During our time here, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to delve into that particularly dark chapter of China’s five-thousand year history, as well as the many bright spots that accompany it. And between chowing down on local delicacies such as century eggs, sea cucumbers, and roasted Peking duck, we’ll engage in a variety of projects inspired by China’s culture, environment, politics, and society.

Planned Projects

  • Showcase their learning of Chinese martial arts and medicine, and the biological systems they involve, through a public demonstration

  • Visit Taipei to better understand China and Taiwan’s political stalemate over the island state’s independence

  • Create a board game that incorporates China’s industrial sector, the sector’s environmental impact, environmental laws, and personal and citizen choice

  • Explore China’s use of walls, including the Great Wall, firewalls, and minority-focused invisible walls

Content from China

Peking opera recitals, tai chi lessons, and a trip to Shangri-La are just a few of the highlights from our 2011 term.


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Al Hajar Mountains
Al Hajar Mountains


Fall 2018

A country steeped in valleys and values

While its neighbors in the United Arab Emirates construct ever-taller skyscrapers in a race towards the heavens, Oman is a country content to let its beautiful terrains and timeless traditions do the talking. The Middle East’s oldest independent state is a land without ego; modern, but not excessive, and filled with some of the friendliest people in the Persian Gulf. Oman will represent our first term in the Arab world, and our projects here will likely explore a wide range of themes exclusive to the region.

Planned Projects

  • Measure the impact of the Arab Spring on Oman and the economic, social, and political actions taken by Sultan Qaboos in its wake

  • Curate an exhibit at Oman’s World Knowledge Center that demonstrates Oman’s rich maritime trading culture, from frankincense to becoming a world leader in oil exports

  • Combine mathematics and scuba diving to promote sea turtle survival in Oman by submitting collected data to the Dive Against Debris program and Clean Swell by Ocean Conservancy

  • Create a graphic novel that explores ways of belonging in Oman based on culture, traditions, family, and tribal structure

Flickr photo by Krisna Kumar
Flickr photo by Krisna Kumar
Flickr photo by Krisna Kumar
Photo by Flickr user Anthony Doudt
Photo by Flickr user Anthony Doudt

Costa Rica

Winter 2018

There’s a lot to love about this tropical paradise

After wrapping up in the Sultanate of Oman, we head to a country renowned for its commitment to peace (it possesses no standing army), sustainable energy initiatives (it’s been running entirely on renewable energy since 2016), and incredible opportunities for collaborative science projects: Costa Rica. It’s also a chance to practice our Español with the friendliest ticos and ticas on the planet, all while enjoying some of the cleanest air in Latin America.

Planned Projects

  • Observe primate social behavior at the El Zota Biological Field Station

  • Explore the impact of Costa Rica’s sustainable techniques and equitable practices by volunteering with local organizations to learn about organic farming and reforestation on the coastline

  • Present an interactive project at Playa Guiones beach that explains the science of surfing through oceanography, mathematics, physics, and wellbeing

  • Individually produce a short video that explains and demonstrates how the Costa Rican concept of pura vida can be applied back home

Ale gardens in Monteverde. Photo by Liisa Toomus
Erika photographs a hummingbird
Nosara Sunset. Photo by Liisa Toomus
Jake snaps a photo

Reactions from Costa Rica

Costa Rica was a chance to study primates and dolphins, immerse ourselves in rainforests, whitewater raft, and spend quality time with local families.


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Spring 2019

The birthplace of democracy is a beauty to behold

After bidding adieu to Costa Rica, we finish the school year in another country renowned for its sun-kissed beaches and riveting landscapes: Greece. But natural beauty is just one part of Greece’s charm.

From an educator’s viewpoint, few countries offer as many opportunities for location-centric, project-based learning as Greece. Democracy, philosophy, and geometry are just a few of the ancient Greeks’ remarkable achievements, and projects this term will consider those themes alongside more modern ones like the debt crisis and Greece’s continuing influx of migrants from the Middle East and beyond. From a student’s viewpoint, living in one of the world’s oldest cities while subsisting on a diet of olives, feta, and other regional dishes is a proposition as sweet as the honey-drenched baklava they’ll cap meals off with. 

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Glimpses of Greece

Pondering Plato at the Parthenon and snorkeling in Santorini were just two of the activities we got up to in Greece.


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