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2019/20 Cohort 1


Visits to natural and manmade wonders like Patagonia, the Great Barrier Reef, Stari Most, and the Sistine Chapel will have our students seeing the world in a whole new light.

Isla de Pascua.
Isla de Pascua.


Winter Term

For their Spring term, students have a chance to visit the wonderland that is Chile, a country revered by nature lovers for its massive glaciers, ancient forests, and surreal deserts — and that’s just scratching the surface of what this slender country has to offer.

Chile’s twenty four ecological regions, which span over 2,700 miles, also include lush rainforests, temperate savannas, and glimmering coastlines, and each of these varied terrains holds the possibility for extraordinary biology projects built around our science-based learning targets.

During their time in country, students call the chic and leafy city of Santiago home, and have ample opportunities to learn about Chile’s communal way of life by interacting with indigenous peoples, like the Mapuche, and striking up friendships with locals through homestays and interschool extracurricular activities (futbol, anyone?).

Vansh '21

on his two-week Patagonia Hike

"The hike was so fulfilling and I felt a whole range of emotions during it. I felt joy, pain, satisfaction, and helplessness."

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Fall Term

Coastal cities, breathtaking beaches, and wide-open wilderness

From the world’s oldest continuous culture to Mother Nature’s largest coral reef, Australia is as unique as the oddball animals who call it home.

Melbourne, with its iconic cityscapes and temperate year-round climate, serves as our host city and center of learning, but a number of planned excursions will give us a feel for Australia’s depth and development as a whole.

In previous terms, students have practiced Aboriginal customs during a visit to the Blue Mountains, studied native wildlife on Kangaroo Island, SCUBA dived the Great Barrier Reef, and met with representatives from Amnesty International and the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre for advice on effectively crafting an activism campaign.

Planned Projects

  • Designing a culturally appropriate activist strategy for students’ home countries based on their experiences with Australia’s social justice system

  • Using the expertise of Australia’s huge sporting industries to build a health initiative for a target group in need

  • Planning and creating a mixed reality experience that meets the needs of a small business and their target audience

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Mostar. Photo by Dragan Tomić
Mostar. Photo by Dragan Tomić


Summer Term

A nation redefining itself

As travelers, we all form preconceived notions about the places we visit. Sometimes these notions are precise, sometimes they stray from reality. When THINK Global School arrived in Bosnia & Herzegovina in 2016, our accompanying students and staff weren’t entirely sure what they were about to experience. To their surprise, they left profoundly changed by the people they met, the landscapes they explored, and the ideas they discussed.

Bosnia is a country reimagining itself, a country distancing itself from the civil unrest that tore it apart in the early nineties. During their time here, student projects examine the past, present, and future of this heart-shaped land by focusing on the reconcilation process. The term includes visits to Srebrenica, the site of the conflict’s worst massacre, and Mostar, a beautiful city that is still largely divided. 

Samtag Prakke '16

on his pivotal Bosnia experience:

"I was really affected by what happened in Srebrenica. After that weekend trip, I realized how one-sided that war was. Now I've looked into attaining an international law degree. I want to be able to change injustices like that. It's a driving force now. It's not just standing behind something and saying I support it. It's going further, and I really want to do something and help the people in Bosnia. Not to just have justice, but to work together in moving forward."

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Planned Project

  • Exploring the complexities of ethnic and religious reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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