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BiH, Peru, Australia, Italy

Visits to natural and manmade wonders like Machu Picchu, the Great Barrier Reef, Stari Most, and the Sistine Chapel will have our students seeing the world in a whole new light.

Mostar. Photo by Dragan Tomić
Mostar. Photo by Dragan Tomić


Summer 2019

A nation redefining itself

As travelers, we all form preconceived notions about the places we visit. Sometimes these notions are precise, sometimes they stray from reality. When THINK Global School arrived in Bosnia & Herzegovina in 2016, our accompanying students and staff weren’t entirely sure what they were about to experience. To their surprise, they left profoundly changed by the people they met, the landscapes they explored, and the ideas they discussed. Bosnia is a country reimagining itself, a country distancing itself from the civil unrest that tore it apart in the early nineties. And during our time here, student projects will examine the past, present, and future of this heart-shaped land.

Planned Projects

  • Create an action plan that tackles Bosnia & Herzegovina’s ongoing landmine contamination

  • Examine the impact of microfinance loans on Bosnian poverty and entrepreneurship by meeting with recipients to discuss their funded projects

  • Collect and analyze samples of Bosnia’s 30 unique invertebrate species in the Perućica primitive forest

  • Work with local Serb and Bosniak youth on reconciliation projects

Samtag P.

on his pivotal Bosnia experience:

I was really affected by what happened in Srebrenica. After that weekend trip, I realized how one-sided that war was; however, now I’ve looked into attaining an international law degree, and I want to be able to change injustices like that. It’s a driving force now. It’s not just standing behind something and saying I support it, it’s going further, and I really want to do something and really help the people in Bosnia. Not to just have justice, but to work together in moving forward.

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Stories from Sarajevo

A starry bridge and hope-filled tunnel were just two of the amazing things we saw during our first visit to the Balkans.


HOS Jamie Steckart Reflects on Bosnia

Jul 18, 2016

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A City Steeped in Stories

Jul 18, 2016

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My Love Letter to Sarajevo

Jul 18, 2016

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Explore additional media from our 2016 term, including personal reflections, videos, and conversations with guest speakers.

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Ausungate at night. Photo by Rowena Speed.
Ausungate at night. Photo by Rowena Speed.


Mysticism and mathematics in the Andes

Fall 2019

Our 2020-21 school year includes a term in the wonderland that is Peru, a country revered by anthropologists for its Incan ruins and indigenous Indian tribes. Peru’s eleven ecological regions include lush rainforests, boulder-strewn highlands, and glimmering coastlines, and each of these varied terrains holds the possibility for extraordinary biology-themed projects. Like during our first visit, students will have ample opportunities to learn about Peru’s communal way of life by interacting with indigenous peoples, like the Q’ero, and striking up friendships with the locals through homestays and interschool extracurricular activities, like sporting contests.

Situated in the middle of a tropical mountain forest sits the crown jewel of the Incan empire, the lost city of Machu Picchu, and our visit to this archaeological marvel will surely be the highlight of the term for many of our students. Constructed in the 15th century, Machu Picchu was built without the aid of metals like iron and steel, and more impressively, without the use of wheels. Pondering how the precisely-cut stones were set in place will likely result in more questions than answers, ensuring a healthy discussion on the trek back to town.

See our 2016 Inca Trek in a short film by 11th grader Jess M.

Planned Projects

  • Gather endangered loggerhead turtle data samples at Paracas Bay to determine the region’s nest productivity

  • Visit recent flood and landslide sites like the northern Piura region to witness the damage caused by high ocean temperatures and climate change. Following the visit, students will devise innovative solutions for how Peru can withstand flooding and landslides in the future

  • Attend indigenous Peruvian festivals like Quyllurit’i to learn firsthand about Quechan customs and costumes. In the followup, students will design their own festival attire with native materials for a presentation on what they learned

  • Calculate the wingspan of Andean Condors as they fly over Colca Canyon

Perspectives from Peru

With its sweeping views and grounded residents, we found in Peru the perfect balance between adventure and amiability.


10 things I learned on the Inca Trail

Dec 15, 2016

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Postcards from the Sacred Valley

November 21, 2016

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What I Learned in Peru

Dec 19, 2016

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Winter 2019

Coastal cities, breathtaking beaches, and wide-open wilderness

From the world’s oldest continuous culture to Mother Nature’s largest coral reef, Australia is as unique as the oddball animals who call it home. Sydney, with its iconic cityscapes and temperate year-round climate, will serve as our host city and center of learning, but a number of planned excursions will give us a feel for Australia’s depth and development as a whole.

Planned Projects

  • Explore the vast history of the Australian Aborigines and how their culture changed in the face of Captain Cook’s entrance

  • Research the economic implications associated with Australia’s unique place on the world’s stage and argue during a debate for and against rate cuts by the Reserve Bank of Australia

  • Meet with chefs at several Sydney restaurants to document the world’s influence on their dishes. In the follow up, students will plan and create a dinner for their classmates based on the chefs' tips and favorite ingredients

  • Embed with biologists to observe primitive flowering plants and endangered wildlife in Queensland’s ancient rainforests

Biology lessons at the Great Barrier Reef
Cultural lessons at Chowder Bay
Abseiling in the Blue Mountains
Spear fishing on Kangaroo Island

Aspects from Australia

Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef and brushing up on Australia's convict history were just a couple of the fascinating activities we engaged in during our 2011 term. 


Scuba Diving the Great Barrier Reef

March 24, 2011

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Exploring Australia's Criminal Past

February 3, 2011

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Manarola, Cinque Terre
Manarola, Cinque Terre


Spring 2020

Art, food, and history in the birthplace of The Rennaisance

Our 2020-21 school year closes in a city that abounds with creativity, a place whose artists and inventors have been vital sources of inspiration since the 1400s: Florence, Italy.

During our time in the birthplace of The Renaissance, we’ll debate the human experience while surrounded by Old World charm. A visit to Leonardo Da Vinci’s workshop might have our history classes discussing the merits of his various inventions, reiterating their points by referencing his actual diagrams and drawings. Close-up views of some of the Renaissance’s most famous paintings and sculptures might spark new creative projects for our young artists, their sketchpads filled to the brim with interpretations of Florence’s breathtaking Baroque, neoclassical, and modern structures.  

Planned Projects

  • Use trigonometry to calculate the height of Florence’s Duomo. In the follow up, students will present on the mathematical applications di Cambio, Brunellschi, and De Fabris used to complete the masterpiece

  • Attend a town hall meeting with elected officials from Italy’s Five Star Movement to gain a sense of the country’s political climate. In the follow up, students will create their own political campaign based on issues they choose and support for a debate against classmates

  • Travel to the mountaintop town of Volterra for an evening of stargazing. In the follow up, students will research and demonstrate the celestial navigation tactics used by Christopher Columbus and other explorers during a sailing excursion around the Tuscan archipelago

  • Meet with members of the Italian Society for Climate Change to learn how ARGO floats robotically gather information about temperature and salinity. In the follow up, students will spend time formulating strategies for saving cities like Venice from sinking into the sea

Helping feed the homeless with Project Rome
Grade 11 students snap a Duomo selfie
Erika, Utkarsha, and Jenna explore Venice
Yuan Yuan and Sally engage in a poetry slam

Impressions from Italy

Roaming through Roman ruins and veering down Venetian canals are just two highlights from a term jam-packed with outdoor activities.


The Sicilian Experiment

June 3, 2016

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Helping the Homeless with Project Rome

Jul 18, 2016

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Italy for the Food-obsessed

Jul 18, 2016

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Explore additional media from our 2016 term, including personal reflections, videos, and conversations with guest speakers.

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