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2020/21 Cohort 1


Whether it’s fireworks exploding over a Diwali festival, swords striking during a traditional Basque dance, or pachinko balls clattering in a Tokyo arcade, 2020-21 sounds too good to be true.


Summer 2020

Spot Hippos and Solve Hypotheses Amid Unspoiled African Scenery

Our 2018-19 school year kicks off in one of Africa’s best kept secrets: Botswana. Diamond-rich and conservation friendly, Botswana has devoted over forty percent of its land to national parks, wildlife reserves, and nature preserves, and during our time here we’ll have ample opportunities to engage in some truly unique project-based learning across all three.

Planned Projects

  • Use Botswanan storytelling customs to explain the conflict between humans and their environment in Botswana

  • Tour Botswana’s diamond mines and speaking to former miners about the industry’s recent diversification into manufacturing, its safety practices, and the impact of mining on Botswana’s environment

  • Write a children’s story based on animal behavior observed in the Moremi Game Reserve

  • Interview local health clinic workers to learn about HIV/AIDS and its relationship to the treatment of women in Sub-Saharan Africa


Fall 2020

Leave your perceptions at the temple door

Our 2018-19 school year includes a return to India, a country best known for its innumerable deities, mouth-searing dishes, elaborate weddings, and multicolored sarees. Once you venture past these cliches, however, you realize that few places offer as many truly unique experiences to young and eager travelers as India does. Instead of Hyderabad, this time around our term will be based out of Mumbai, India’s most populous and multicultural city.

Planned Projects

  • Produce a photo exhibition for the Mathematics Association of America that visually depicts a selection of the mathematical innovations of India

  • Create an e-commerce website and business pitch to demonstrate India’s global transition from rural to technology-based economies

  • Collect water data samples to report on India’s sustainability issues and freshwater concerns linked to population distribution and densities

  • Explore India’s evolving food culture and its impact on the nation’s consumers and workforce

Clio S.

on her favorite India experience:

On the Kashmir trip, we stayed aboard this houseboat on Nagin Lake. It was completely still except for the occasional ripples from shikara boats. The sky was perfectly reflected, and you couldn’t tell where the horizon line started and stopped on the water.

We woke up really early to go to this floating market, and it was super cold because it was November. We got underneath these blankets and it was completely dark. They paddled us out to the middle of the lake, and suddenly we started hearing these calls from every side of the lake reverberating all around us. We could see lights from fires close to the mosques. It was this surreal moment because there was this cacophony of sound from nothing we could see and we were floating in nothingness. It was really moving, and my first personal encounter with Islam.

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Insights from India

A collection of student and faculty blog posts from the jewel of Southern Asia


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Winter 2021

Tradition and modernity combine for a timeless experience

Whereas India is a country undergoing significant change, Japan can always be counted on to stay much the same. Little will have changed in Hiroshima since our first visit in 2014, and our new students will likely enjoy the same arcades and okonomiyaki stalls as those who preceded them.

Planned Projects

  • Research Japan’s aquaculture industry by visiting an oyster farm to learn why certain marine life is at risk, and innovative ways in which our students can influence the industry

  • Create a marketing commercial for a company or organization based out of Hiroshima in order to better understand the importance of product placement and information literacy in Japan

  • Hold a public debate based on an investigation into the creation of nuclear energy and its transition to weaponry during WWII in Hiroshima and Nagasaki

  • Draft culturally-conscious blueprints based on conversations with local architects over how Japan maintains its ancient buildings alongside glass skyscrapers and modern dwellings

Liisa Toomus’s love letter to Japan 

Using footage compiled over the course of our Spring 2014 term, TGS student Liisa Toomus crafted the following reflection to celebrate her experiences in the Land of the Rising Sun. 

Journals from Japan

Simple pleasures like Hiroshima’s hanami festival and rousing experiences like Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant are memories that we’ll remember for a lifetime.


Hiroshima's hidden hot spots

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The Basque country is a region unlike any other

Spain is one of Europe’s most scenic countries, and, perhaps more importantly, one of its friendliest. Gifted architects such as Antoni Gaudí have crafted many wondrous masterpieces throughout Spain, and many stand side-by-side with well-preserved Roman ruins. The Basque city of Bilbao -which will serve as our host city- knows a thing or two about gorgeous design, with its Frank Gehry-designed Guggenheim Museum drawing tourists from across the world to admire its titanium exterior and galleries filled with modern and contemporary art. But modern art is certainly not for everyone, and those students with a penchant for the old will feel right at home in the shops and restaurants that line Bilbao’s casco viejo (old quarter).

Planned Project

  • What does it mean to be Basque in an increasingly globalized world? During their time in Spain’s Basque region, students use journalism practices to investigate, interview and describe their feelings on the Basque identity. Experiences include candid conversations with locals during homestays and visits to towns where Basque traditions are steadfastly maintained.

Basque dancers

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