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2021/22 Cohort 2


Glimpses into the Bedouin lifestyle, snorkeling in the Galapagos Islands, and hiking in the Wadi Shab are things Cohort 2 students can look forward to during the 2021-22 school year.

United Arab Emirates

Summer Term

A country with ambitions as lofty as the Burj Khalifa

If any country resembles our curriculum, it’s the United Arab Emirates, where a never-ending sea of projects are dreamt up and brought to life, each more masterful than the last.

Futuristic skyscrapers form a formidable skyline in the emirate of Dubai. In neighboring Abu Dhabi, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque provides one of the clearest examples of how geometry can be used to create an architectural masterpiece. Both represent a country that’s very in touch with its past, present, and future.

Alongside meandering among these feats of engineering, students will have the opportunity to learn firsthand about the Bedouins, the nomadic desert dwellers who constitute the United Arab Emirate’s oldest inhabitants. These hardy people introduced many of the interests that are still wildly popular in the United Arab Emirates today, including falconry and camel racing.

Sound like an adventure? Be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen and an open mind — you won’t look back.

Planned Projects

  • How can we use physics and engineering principles to create a paper tower that is strong and aesthetically pleasing?

  • How can we create an informative, honest, data-based magazine to analyze the future of food in Dubai?

  • How can I curate the story of Dubai in a creative way using digital platforms?

Al Hajar Mountains
Al Hajar Mountains


Fall Term

A country steeped in valleys and values

While its neighbors in the United Arab Emirates construct ever-taller skyscrapers in a race towards the heavens, Oman is a country content to let its beautiful terrains and timeless traditions do the talking. The Middle East’s oldest independent state is a land without ego; modern, but not excessive, and filled with some of the friendliest people in the world.

During their time in Oman, students reside in its capital city of Muscat. Comfortable and quiet, Muscat offers the chance for a range of outdoor activities, including marine lessons in the Gulf of Oman and exhilarating hikes in the nearby Al-Hajar mountains, the highest range on the Arabian Peninsula. Tradition abounds within Muscat’s souks and mosques as well, and students will be hard pressed not to fall in love with the healthy, spice-filled cuisine that the sultanate is renowned for.

Project choices in Oman include exploring marine studies through the lens of artificial intelligence and machine learning; using the principles of physics, navigation, and mathematics to engineer a marine vehicle; and applying traditional Islamic art techniques to celebrate an Omani narrative.

Marwa Afechkar '20

on her Oman term

"The long walks on the beach, the weXplores, the sunburns, the laughs, the tears, the hugs, the shawarmas. They all made Oman very memorable and eventful, and it will always have a special place in my heart."

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Planned Projects

  • Building awareness of Oman’s marine ecosystems through scuba diving, collecting data, and constructing an informative data-driven web platform centered around promoting sustainable marine tourism

  • Learning about Oman’s rich history of trade by exploring geography and cartography, constructing and sailing a traditional dhow boat, and examining the current events related to the gas and oil industry in the region

  • Performing a deep dive into Omani culture by exploring its grounding in tribalism, examining the tenets and practices of Islam, and experiencing the activities of Omani families

My Love Letter to Oman

In this short film created as part of a personal videography project, Class of 2019 student Isabelle Ricotta captures her and her classmates’ time in laid-back Oman perfectly through a combination of striking visuals and fitting sounds.

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Winter Term

A country composed of incredible contrasts

Following their time in Malaysia, our students head to another of the world’s most biodiverse countries: Ecuador.

The nature lovers among our ranks won’t want to go anywhere without their binoculars. Ecuador’s varied terrains are home to four major ecosystems and over 2,500 endangered animal species, including the Andean speckled bear and Eastern Santa Cruz Giant-Tortoise. Projects might include devising ways to help these animals once again flourish within their natural habitats.

Ecuador’s rich and varied cultures will play a prominent role in our learning. Hearing firsthand about the beliefs and concerns that impact everyday life will help our community form a clearer picture of Ecuador’s sociopolitical and socioeconomic structures. Conversations held during morning walks and over shared meals will also help our students forge meaningful connections with those who call Ecuador home.

These activities and many more will take place in the coastal province of Manabí, which will serve as our host location during the term. Students can take advantage of Manabi’s beaches during the day for science-based projects and again in the evening for taking in a tranquil sunset.

Best of all, Manabí is renowned for its seafood, chicken, and plantain dishes. So regardless of whether our students are vegetarians, pescetarians, or connoisseurs of meat, every meal should be Instagram-worthy.

Planned Projects

  • How can Ecuador utilize technology to change its reputation as a banana republic?

  • How can we use the culinary arts to tell stories about Ecuador’s rich history?

  • How can we use trigonometry to measure the height of the Ingapirca ruins?

  • How can the horticulture techniques used by the indigenous Chachi people be utilized in our home communities?



Spring Term

The birthplace of democracy is a beauty to behold

Each school year is concluded in a country renowned for its sun-kissed beaches and riveting landscapes: Greece.

Natural beauty is just one part of Greece’s charm. From an educator’s viewpoint, few countries offer as many opportunities for location-centric, project-based learning as Greece. Democracy, philosophy, and geometry are just a few of the ancient Greeks’ remarkable achievements, and projects this term consider those themes alongside more modern ones like the debt crisis and Greece’s continuing influx of migrants from the Middle East and beyond.

Greece is also special in that it is an opportunity for our two cohorts to come together, socialize, compare and contrast their experiences, and enjoy a set of end-of-year festivities. During the final weeks of each school year, we celebrate the culmination of personal projects and exemplary module work during an intercohort Student Symposium and honor our graduating students during their graduation.

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Planned Project

  • Students use their experiences of Greece and mathematical knowledge to teach people about the country’s economic and refugee crises

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