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2022/23Cohort 2

Botswana Mexico Japan Greece

Elephant tracking in Botswana, Mayan temple explorations in Mexico, and nuclear energy discussions in Japan are activities Cohort 2 students might experience during the 2022-23 school year.


Summer Term

Spot hippos and solve hypotheses amid unspoiled African scenery

Diamond-rich and conservation-friendly, Botswana has devoted over forty percent of its land to national parks, wildlife reserves, and nature preserves. During their time in-country, students have ample opportunities to engage in some truly unique project-based learning across all three.

Our Botswana term takes place in one of Africa’s last significant wildlife habitats, the Okavango Delta, where students track the density and movement of hippos, giraffes, elephants, lions, and rhinos, amongst other majestic beasts.

Local conservation experts demonstrate how to recognize animal tracks, sight predominant species, and identify vegetation in Northern Botswana, with the collected data submitted to a long-term conservation study sponsored by the government of Botswana.

During the term, students also discover the importance of storytelling customs in Botswana and apply the techniques to construct their own stories. It’s a one-of-a-kind term in Africa’s best-kept secret.

Julia Gwiozdzik’20


“Botswana, the first country I visited with the school, introduced me to a new way of living — one I would never have imagined I’d like when I was back in my own cozy room in Poland.

Everything was new during that month, from the language I was speaking to the people I was living with. No matter how cheesy it sounds, we all cherished the little moments: standing in a circle around the fire, admiring the way the sky looks away from the city lights, watching sunsets and not caring about anything other than the mix of colors that was right before our eyes.”

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Planned Projects

  • Determining methodological approaches to monitoring animal diversity and distribution in the Okavango Delta

  • How can we communicate the lessons learned about stewardship in Botswana through the art of storytelling?

  • Examining how different perspectives influence how we view environmental issues

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Fall Term

Ancient temples by day. Contemporary museums by night.

Much like the spicy peppers that seemingly find their way into every dish, Mexico packs an experience that lights up the senses. Brilliantly colored handcrafts and awe-inspiring churches provide a feast for the eyes; Regional folk styles, such as mariachi and ranchera, have been lifting spirits for hundreds of years. There’s so much to take in, but Mexican society dictates that you take your time and have fun in doing so. 

Projects here will likely focus on gaining an understanding of the culture that the Mexican peoples are rightly so proud of. One project might explore Mesoamerican legacies by having students engage with local storytellers. Another project might use Mexico’s exceptional art scene as inspiration for their own creations, complete with visits to local workshops and museums. Mexico’s vast and varied landscapes will offer innumerable options for getaways as well, providing a chance to get out of the ciudad from time to time. 

Whatever happens this term, you can be sure Mexico’s spirit of spontaneity will mark it, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Planned Projects

  • How can students use their understanding of architecture through time to design a context-informed structure?

  • How might students create harmony between human activities and biodiversity in Oaxaca, Mexico?

  • How can students convey the intersection of local arts and Oaxaca’s economy through documentary filmmaking?


Winter Term

Tradition and modernity combine for a timeless experience

Whereas India is a country undergoing significant change, Japan can always be counted on to stay much the same. One thing is for sure, however: almost every THINK Global School student who visits Japan lists the term among their favorite.

Our time in Japan is centered around the bustling host city of Hiroshima. And while its name evokes images of tragedy and loss for most, visitors are quickly won over by the city’s resilience and commitment to peace. Beautiful gardens, pristine temples, and a top-notch shopping center are all easily accessed by foot, bike, or tram, and the incredible Miyajima Island is just a short boat ride away.

Alongside hearing from survivors of the atom bomb, practicing kendo, learning to kodō drum, and consuming absurd amounts of sushi, students have the opportunity to participate in some truly fascinating projects during their time in Japan. These projects include a deep dive into how the Japanese approach marketing, using augmented and virtual reality to create a lesson for students worldwide, and examining the issue of nuclear energy usage in Japan by meeting with a variety of stakeholders.

Japan’s rail system also makes traveling the country a breeze. In the past, our staff and students have taken advantage of this by embarking on week-long learning excursions to Kyoto, Tokyo, and Osaka. You can expect a similar outing to one of these cultural treasure troves to be planned this year as well.

Hinda Ina Bicaj’20


“The Conscious Consumerism module was wild. It was a chance to embark on some very non-vegetarian tours in Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market, run errands for locally produced products, and cook with traditional sushi chefs. We learned a lot about the battle between an economy dependent on fish consumption and the growing environmental risk, all while eating delicious egg rolls.”

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Planned Projects

  • Thinking about the marketing of ideas in a digital age by studying marketing principles and targeting a unique Hiroshima product to a local or international audience

  • Investigating and producing a national energy plan for Japan by investigating the perspectives of different stakeholders, including environmental NGOs, the government, and regular citizens

  • Creating a project for learners across the world that leverages one of the social sciences and the technologies of virtual and augmented reality

A Hiroshima Story for the World

On the 6th of August 1945, a bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, killing hundreds of thousands of people. During their 2019 term, CM2 students Levith A. and Julie G. filmed the short film A Hiroshima Story for the World, which shares the story of Soh Horie, a hibakusha (atomic bomb survivor). Mr. Horie has fought throughout his entire life to promote his message of world peace, and its importance.

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Spring Term

The birthplace of democracy is a beauty to behold

Each school year is concluded in a country renowned for its sun-kissed beaches and riveting landscapes: Greece.

Natural beauty is just one part of Greece’s charm. From an educator’s viewpoint, few countries offer as many opportunities for location-centric, project-based learning as Greece. Democracy, philosophy, and geometry are just a few of the ancient Greeks’ remarkable achievements, and projects this term consider those themes alongside more modern ones like the debt crisis and Greece’s continuing influx of migrants from the Middle East and beyond.

Greece is also special in that it is an opportunity for our two cohorts to come together, socialize, compare and contrast their experiences, and enjoy a set of end-of-year festivities. During the final weeks of each school year, we celebrate the culmination of personal projects and exemplary module work during an intercohort Student Symposium and honor our graduating students during their graduation.

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Planned Projects

  • Students use their experiences of Greece and mathematical knowledge to teach people about the country’s economic and refugee crises

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