At TGS, students are constantly on the go, and they need an arsenal of technology – software and hardware – that can keep up. TGS students are, all at once, world explorers, content creators, researchers, and publishers. To help them meet their educational and creative goals, students are equipped with:

A MacBook Pro. A laptop with enough speed, power, and flexibility to accomplish all the tasks required of a THINK Global School student. The MacBook Pro is the go-to tool for the creation and publishing of content.

An iPhone. Powerful portability with both a built-in video and still camera. The iPhone also connects with devices like portable microscopes and air quality testers for empirical data gathering on-the-go.

An iPad. Laptop capability that slips easily into a small bag or tucks under your arm. Students can connect and access data from almost anywhere.

THINK Spot logoTHINK Spot. A social learning environment built especially for TGS. A mash-up of social networks, classrooms, wikis, online photo albums, calendars, and to-do lists, Spot is the collective software backbone of TGS. Students, faculty and staff meet in this virtual space to research, produce, publish, and discuss. Through THINK Spot, TGSers are able to transmit photos, homework, video, resources, and interesting links. Our student learners are given a medium for sharing what they see and what they learn as we travel the globe. They are able to show others what TGS is really about: learning through borderless experience. See Spot in action.