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A High School Abroad. A World Apart.

This is life at THINK Global School.

Life at THINK Global School means being immersed in another culture—often, several other cultures—at all times. Learning doesn’t stop when you leave the classroom: it’s fully integrated into the places you sleep, the food you eat, and the ways you get around.

At THINK Global School, you’ll learn to quickly adjust to new cultures, accommodations, and cuisines each term, developing essential adaptation skills for the rest of your life. But student life doesn’t end with the world around you. The school also has a unique culture of its own: one that fosters community, cooperation, and creativity. Our students come from nations across the world to partake in an unforgettable learning experience together; along the way they create unique traditions and form bonds that cross borders and can last for lifetimes.

Educators:They’re Practically Family

THINK Global School’s staff-to-student ratio of nearly 2:1 is among the highest in the world, and many of these staff are devoted full time to making your day-to-day life run as smoothly as possible even when you’re going full-tilt.

Our multicultural educators and support staff are available to help you adjust to a life of rigorous studies, frequent travel, and a schedule that’s never quite the same each day. Whether you’re running a fever or just need a running buddy, they’re there to lend a shoulder, an opinion, or a helping hand.

Home Is Where You Lay Your Head

When it comes to where you’ll live, no two semesters are quite the same. You may find yourself in a dorm on a host school campus one term, an apartment in a bustling city the next, and a bungalow in the jungle the following. Yet all of our accommodations have one thing in common: you’ll be living as a community with other students and staff, and you’ll have a safe and comfortable place to lay your head each night.

During most semesters, you’ll share a room with another student of your gender, with males and females living in different buildings or on separate floors. Educators live among you, and at least two staff members are on duty at all times.

From Grasshoppers to Gelato, Taste Something New Every Day

No cultural experience is complete without sampling the local cuisine. At THINK Global School you’ll have opportunities to try food that falls within (or way outside of) your comfort zones every day. While dining arrangements vary from country to country, we always guarantee three healthy, nutritious, and delicious meals and one snack for all students, every day, with vegetarian options available. Our dedicated staff work with host school cafeterias, local restaurants, and grocery stores, and we take advantage of all possible opportunities to learn about the cultures around us by smelling, tasting, and even cooking their native cuisines.

Students have learned to roll sushi, make their own dumplings, and cook aromatic Thai curries, all within the context of learning with all five senses. Many carry these culinary lessons to new countries: some students have even started weekend breakfast crews to show off their newfound skills.

Food for Thought

Becoming a global citizen means unlocking the self-sufficiency to live anywhere—and that includes knowing how to shop, cook, and eat! With this in mind we developed the THINK Global School nutrition plan, which allows you to purchase and prepare some of your own meals and snacks each week. Armed with nutrition guidelines from our school nurse, you’ll learn to shop on a budget, choose foods for variety, health, and taste, and cook meals ranging from basic to highly creative.

Safety in Numbers Security Across Time Zones

Student safety is our top priority. We vet each host country extensively for safety and security considerations, and do everything possible to mitigate risks in each location. In addition, we partner with International SOS, the world’s leading medical and travel security assistance company, to provide up-to-the-minute research about safety within our host countries as well as premium evacuation support should an emergency arise.

Since all countries are different, student safety protocol varies from term to term. Students are expected to adhere not only to the safety protocols for each city, but to general THINK Global School policies such as being present for all classes and events and receiving permission from an on-duty staff member before leaving academic or residential areas.

Our policies exist to keep you safe in a variety of environments while still giving you the freedom to explore new places and grow as a global citizen. Your admission to THINK Global School acts as an inherent safety covenant: just as we trust you to be safe and responsible at all times, we ask you to trust us to keep your personal security top-of-mind.

Quality Care for Our Most Important Assets

We believe in not only providing quality medical services, but in teaching students how to be proactive about their health. Our educators and counselors oversee student health and safety, taking the time to get to know each student’s strengths and special needs. So regardless of where you are in the world, you’ll always receive personalized health recommendations alongside the highest quality care.

We provide comprehensive international medical insurance for all students, and arrange health and wellness care through local service providers long before we set foot in a new location, ensuring that licensed, qualified professionals are always on hand to attend to student needs.

Staff members at THINK Global School have up-to-date advanced First Aid training, including CPR, making them ideal first responders for any incident. If you come down with a cold, injure yourself on the soccer pitch, or have personal difficulties that may require a professional counselor, you can talk to us right away to get the treatment you need.

Travel There and Back

You and your family are responsible for your travel to and from our host countries. Students from similar geographic locations often book the same itinerary so they can travel together, and our staff is happy to help you work with airline protocols for travel as an unaccompanied minor. THINK Global School staff members will greet you at the airport when you land and accompany you to your new surroundings. When it’s time to go home, a staff member will also see you to the airport and help make sure you catch your flight.

How Will You Travel in Our Host Countries?
Whitewater RaftZiplineJeep
ATVHorsebackWater Taxi

Ready to embark on the educational journey of a lifetime?

A passion for travel. A strong academic record. And the desire to improve the world as you experience it. If this sounds like you, you just might be our ideal candidate! Start your application with a five-minute inquiry form - you never know where you might end up.

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Ready to embark on the educational journey of a lifetime?

A passion for travel. A strong academic record. And the desire to improve the world as you experience it. If this sounds like you, you just might be our ideal candidate! Start your application with a five-minute inquiry form - you never know where you might end up.

It all starts here.

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