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This is Where Ideas Go Global

Experience a world-class education in the far-flung corners of the globe.

Only at THINK Global School does world exploration meet a top-notch diploma program with small classes, cutting edge technology, and infinite opportunities to pursue your passions. By living and learning in a new country each term for three terms a year, you’ll connect your education to your environment in ways you never thought possible: by studying biology in a temperate rainforest, reading authors in their native lands, or discussing philosophy where the very concept of philosophy was born. If you’re a lean-forward learner who never stops asking questions, this is your chance to soar.

An Educational Journey

Watch ideas come to life in the world’s most astounding locations.

The THINK Global School experience is the confluence of travel and learning: where Global Studies are truly global and no subject is limited to the classroom. Learn to witness, research, and document the world around you with wisdom and compassion, while living and learning with a diverse student body and faculty in a new country every term.

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Charis and Yada chat with a Guarani shaman

Building Changemakers

It’s never too early to make a difference.

If changing the world matters to you, then THINK Global School is the place to start. We strive to apply our education toward raising awareness, effecting positive change, or simply lending a hand wherever we go, so that our students can become international ambassadors for a better tomorrow.

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The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

Don’t just learn. Learn how to learn.

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The globally recognized International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme shapes sharp, strong learners who excel in college and beyond. You’ll study traditional academic disciplines as they relate to the places around you, and also have the chance to explore your favorite subjects in depth. The IBDP emphasizes breadth, depth, and creative inquiry so you’ll always have room to grow.

Technology Forward

Study and create with technology as unlimited as your imagination.

Supplement your education with the best technology out there: shoot video on your iPhone, record data on your iPad, or log into an online classroom for an enthusiastic discussion with students across the globe. This is 21st century education at its best.

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Academic Advisory

Advisors are mentors, friends, and partners, every step of the way.

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Partner one-on-one with a trusted academic advisor to set goals, arrange tutoring and independent studies, or simply check in. With this much personal attention, it’s only natural that you'll thrive.

College Preparation

Gain the edge you need to get in.

THINK Global students have gone on to Harvard, Columbia, Georgetown, and other top universities worldwide thanks to dedicated college and career counselors and a customized college prep program that begins the moment you arrive. Where will you go next?

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