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Cameron bows to a traditional geisha (Kyoto, Japan)

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Our Educational Journey

Where your classroom has no borders and learning knows no bounds.

Imagine learning diplomacy by helping an indigenous tribe defend their land rights. Shooting and editing a video combining anthropological studies of Japanese bowing traditions with your first-hand observations. Or using data modeling techniques from your math class to synthesize information about sea urchins you collected while scuba diving.

At THINK Global School, you don’t just learn about the world – you learn in it. By studying in three countries a year you’re immersed in more history, geography, and culture in high school than most people experience in a lifetime. Your first-hand experiences blend seamlessly with your core coursework, facilitating constant connections between the world around you and the subjects you study in school.

What Sets THINK Global School Apart?

A THINK Global School education combines small classes,  a cutting-edge IB curriculum, student-driven and technology-forward teaching philosophies, building change-makers through charity work, and weXplore expeditions to create a 360º learning experience that’s never limited to the classroom. Here, you’ll not only earn dual diplomas from the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and Western Association of Schools and Colleges, but also acquire the academic tools and real-world knowledge to become a true game-changer: someone who not only understands how the world works, but has the courage and compassion to make it a better place.

Our Teachers Do So Much More Than Lecture

They moderate discussions, oversee projects, assign readings, assist with media production, lead adventure tours, critique essays, comment on blog posts, and introduce you to new apps and software, all with the goal of making you a thoughtful, well-rounded citizen of the world.

With fewer than 15 students per class you’ll receive ample personal attention and opportunities to grow through discussion and debate. THINK Global School teachers act as moderators and facilitators, encouraging you to express your viewpoints on the source material while keeping your mind inquisitive and open to new viewpoints. At THINK Global School there are no “right” perspectives…what matters most is that you never stop exploring.

Don’t teach me what to think… teach me how to think. the Think Global School Philosophy

THINK Global School provides you with the framework of a rigorous international school curriculum, but we encourage you to pursue your passion projects and take your learning into your own hands. This is your education, and only you know how to get the most out of it.

Where do THINK Global School students learn?

Education is all around you. These are just some of the places you’ll go.

Traditional classrooms THINKspot Online PortalMuseums
Cultural centersScience labsLectures
National parksWilderness areasMarine habitats
Tribal villagesCity streetsMarketplaces
Temples and shrinesUniversitiesModel United Nations

Learning Comes Alive with weXplore

weXplore is where learning and exploration come together. One to three times per term, students embark on a significant excursion to explore a particular region or aspect of our host country. Students have white-water rafted on Costa Rica’s Pacuare river, learned sushi rolling in Kyoto, built a school in Tanzania, attended a lecture by Al Gore at Harvard University, visited the Tiger’s Nest monastery in Bhutan, camped overnight with the indigenous Yidinji tribe of Australia, and learned to dance tango in Argentina. Our weXplore excursions have specific curriculum goals and media production outcomes: rather than separating field trips and leisure time from traditional academics, weXplore excursions add depth and context to your education, bringing subjects such as history, global studies, and Theory of Knowledge alive in an interdisciplinary approach that’s as memorable as it is exciting.

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