Guest Speakers

Each term we invite thought-provoking speakers from the forefront of their respective fields to share their experiences with our students and lend their perspectives to current curriculum topics. Most events are intimate in nature and provide our students with a forum to not just listen to the speaker, but pose their own questions and ideas in a two-way conversation. So whether discussing activism in Iran with Prince Reza Pahlavi or the importance of making connections with Bhutan’s Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay, our students walk away from each talk enlightened and inspired. Other past guest speaker events have seen our students speaking and working with an ultra-distance runner, activists, bestselling authors, historians, journalists, filmmakers and poets.

Each guest speaker event provides an excellent opportunity for our students to learn firsthand about the occupations and cultures found at the academic institutions, industries, nonprofits, and government organizations that our speakers represent. Speakers like Phillipa Thomas of The BBC, Yolanda Kakabadse of the World Wide Fund, and Nils Olsen of The George Washington University have motivated our students to explore career paths that they might not have previously considered.

Featured Guest Speakers

Sir Richard Branson

During our term in Hiroshima, Japan, Sir Richard Branson spoke to our students on graduation day about individuality and the entrepreneurial spirit.

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Author and Activist Noam Chomsky

During our term in Boston, United States, Noam Chomsky held a question-and-answer session with our students to discuss war, politics, and mass media.

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Statistician and TED Speaker Hans Rosling

Hans Rosling spoke to the students of THINK Global School during our first term in Stockholm, Sweden, about economic, social, and environmental changes and trends on a global scale.

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Author and Educator Tony Wagner

Best-selling author Tony Wagner spoke to our students in Chiang Mai, Thailand, about the need for an innovation-driven economy, where our youth are the primary innovators.

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Prime Minister of Bhutan Tshering Tobgay

During a diplomatic mission to Hyderabad, India, Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay spoke to our students about the benefits of establishing connections.

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Prince of Iran Reza Pahlavi

Prince Reza Pahlavi sat down with our students in Washington, DC, United States, to discuss Iranian politics and the “syndrome of the silent majority.”

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