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Your Journey Starts Here

The path to becoming a THINK Global school student begins with Admissions.

Are you ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime? If you’re a strong student with boundless intellectual curiosity, the adaptability to thrive in diverse countries and conditions, and a genuine desire to make the world a better place, then THINK Global School may be the right place  for you.

Because of the unique nature of THINK Global School, we go to great lengths to ensure that every admitted student is an ideal fit. Our admissions process is deliberately intensive, designed to make sure that you match the academic and personal criteria necessary to succeed throughout your educational journey.

Alexis came of age at THINK Global School while hiking in the Himalayas, spending time with orphans in Tanzania, feeling the wind in her face from the doorway of an Indian train, and through finding a life-changing book in the Costa Rican rainforest science outpost. The magic of THINK Global School lies in its truly diverse group of cohorts: students hailing from over 20 countries are immersed in the joys -and stresses- of an ever-changing environment.  At the center of Alexis’s experience are those extraordinary moments, quiet conversations, and shows of support shared with friends that have made a profound and lasting impact on her life. -Tom Massey, TGS Parent

The Admissions Process

Start the 4 steps toward becoming
a THINK Global student.

Our admissions process includes an online application form, initial interview with student and parents, diagnostic testing, and final interviews with TGS faculty and a current student. It’s designed to help you learn as much about TGS as we learn about you, so we encourage you to take control and ask plenty of questions along the way!

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Math teacher Guillermo Machado helps Yodsel with functions (Hyderabad, India)
Rebecca and Joseph study the art of Luis Niveiros (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Is THINK Global School
Right for You?

Find out what our students have in common ... and if you might be a good fit.

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Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Tuition and
Financial Aid

A worldwide education is within your reach.

Tuition at THINK Global School covers everything from partner school facilities to wilderness adventures, including all technology devices, medical insurance, food and lodging, and excursions throughout the term. See what else is included, and learn about financial aid options.

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Isaac & his teammates gear up for a 50k charity ride
Students try spear fishing (Australia)
Charis teaches children in Kondikal village
Fatima as a Tea Picker (Munnar, India)

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