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Learn about our admissions process here.

THINK Global School is a unique model of learning that works best for students who are highly motivated, self-sufficient, intellectually curious, and community-oriented. To determine if you’re a good fit for  our one-of-a-kind community, the application process digs deep into who you are as a student and a person – and gives you the opportunity to get to know us as well.

Your home base during the admissions process will be your personal online application page . You’ll have an individual username and password to enter and exit the application as you move through the process.

Step 1: Application Questionnaire

In Step 1 you’ll answer a few initial questions, upload your most recent grade report, and complete a short assessment. Parents are also required to answer some questions here.

Step 2: Interview with Admissions

If you are selected for an initial interview, we’ll schedule a one-hour Skype call with you and your parents to get to know you a little better and discuss your educational and personal goals.

Step 3: Full Application

If you move forward after the initial interview, you will be required to complete the full online application.

This includes:

  • Additional student questions and an essay
  • Additional parent questions
  • School transcripts for the past two complete academic school years
  • Recommendation forms from your school counselor and English teacher

This additional information will help us evaluate your potential for success in a rigorous overseas high school.

Step 4: Admissions Testing

We will review your completed application carefully to determine if you will advance to admissions testing. Selected candidates will complete two tests:

  • Cognitive abilities
  • Values assessment

You will complete these tests online using a computer.

Step 5: Faculty Interview

If your testing indicates a good fit, we’ll invite you for a final Skype interview with members of our TGS faculty. This meeting will allow you to discuss your potential TGS learning plan as well as options for your specific courses. After this interview, our Admissions Committee will make a final decision on your candidacy.

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