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Returning to the first host school in Stockholm

Marta in Sweden

ON THE THIRD OF JULY, I was on a plane on my way back ‘home’ to Orlando, Florida. During the summer, I would eventually travel quite a lot – from Orlando to New Hampshire, stopping on the way in North Carolina, New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. My travels were both for pleasure and work. more »

Lessons learned from the Wall

Great Wall 10

Look, look up there, I can see it now! The first sighting I DON’T TURN AROUND. I want the Wall to find me, and not vice versa. If it’s as big as they say, well, let it impress me by showing itself. I keep still in the bus looking out the window. I’m close to more »

Teamwork and encouragement in the Blue Mountains

In "the classroom with no walls"

TGS Teacher Marta Guevara recounts the climbing and rappelling trip to the Blue Mountains with Nick Sagar. JUMP, JUMP, COME ON you can do it! My body is frozen. My legs are feeling weak. I am paralyzed with fear. I need to jump on my back into a pool inside the canyon. I’m standing on more »

A lesson from rock climbing in finding your passion

Marta in Sweden

TGS students recently had the opportunity to work with Nick Sagar, a well known rock climbing expert and independent rock wall design consultant. Marta Guevara talks about meeting Nick, and learning how to follow your passion. NICK SAGAR STEPS INTO the indoor climbing facility. “Look at him,” whispers Brad. “I love to see an expert more »

TGS: the school with no walls

Marta in Sweden

WE’RE SLOWLY DRIVING up a dirt road with eucalyptus trees lined up at each side. A total of 19 pairs of eyes are looking up. “There” shouts Liam, “up on that tree.” For a second I’m reminded of the shout of “Tierra!” given by Rodrigo the Triana from the Pinta. In a moment, we’ve all more »

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