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Introducing the World Wide Think Tank

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THE WEEK OF NOVEMBER 12th through 16th is a significant one for those in education, as it is marked by the celebration of International Education Week as well as the hosting of the yearly Global Education Conference (GEC). Now in its third year, the GEC has built a significant following, with over 10,000 participants participating in over 340 general sessions in 2011. For those not familiar with the GEC, it is a free online initiative aimed at getting students, educators and organizations actively involved in the solving of real-world problems. The conference is truly global, with presenters worldwide hosting collaborations 24/7 through the use of Blackboard Collaborate software.

In a collaboration with the Flat Classroom Project, THINK Global School hosted a global student leadership forum as part of the GEC on Thursday, November 15th. The forum provided TGS students Paul, Yada and Hannah the opportunity to serve as moderators alongside Flat Classroom Project co-founder and Director Julie Lindsay, and provide an introduction to their student initiative the World Wide Think Tank (WWTT). The students intend the WWTT to be a virtual meeting space and community for multinational students, where local and global perspectives initiate meaningful discussions that lead to real change. As 10th grader Hannah noted during the conference, “the forum will give a voice to students with outside perspective to discuss issues they want to know about, but also give a voice to students that are part of that issue, living it in real time”.

The World Wide Think Tank will make use of SpotX, an educational social network developed by THINK Global School for the purpose of global collaboration as well as more traditional social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. We encourage you, regardless of age or education level to join the conversation, and help bring about change. As Hannah put it during the GEC, “we have a responsibility, all of us, not to be passive voyeurs of nature and in this case also of every humanitarian issue that we face. We have the responsibility as human beings, as a part of this universe, to be active and to care. To conclude, don’t just think — change“.

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