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You’ll have the opportunity to live and learn in four different countries

Each year at THINK Global School is an opportunity to live and learn in four new countries. As you travel the world, you’ll gain an intimate understanding of the communities around you by exploring their natural and social history through visits to landmarks, temples, wildlife sanctuaries, and museums. And whether in Brussels, Belgium, or Taipei, Taiwan, you’ll always be surrounded by friendly teachers and classmates ready to discuss the rituals and institutions that shape the local culture. 

We also know that some of the most awe-inspiring locations within our host countries aren’t easily reached, so each term we set aside time to explore these destinations through carefully-planned itineraries centered around place-based learning. In the past, our students have heard the oral history of The Great Wall of China recited while hiking it, recreated the journey from Homer’s epic poem ’The Odyssey’ by island-hopping around Greece, and ascended to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro during an equally epic senior trip.

This Year’s Locations

Previous Locations


Night sky in sweden


A return to where it all began

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Our host city, Sarajevo


Balkan charm and natural beauty define this heart-shaped country

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Art, food, and history in the birthplace of The Rennaisance

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photo by Dubravka Franz


Contemporary learning in the birthplace of philosophical thought.

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Image caption

New Zealand

Auckland contains the largest Polynesian community in the world, and our time here provided a prime opportunity to look at their storied history.

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Costa Rica

As in Argentina and Ecuador, our students will have the opportunity to hone their Spanish-speaking skills as they interact with the friendly locals

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Golden Temple, Amritsar (photo by Sandeepa Chetan)


Growth and change in one of India’s fastest-growing cities

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Wildebeest stampede (photo by Gopal Vijayaragh)


Safaris and service in eastern Africa

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Descending into a temple complex (Onomichi, Japan)


Technology and tradition on an island with a culture all its own

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Photo by Hernán Piñera


Arts and awareness in “the Paris of South America”

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Tiger's Nest Monastery


History and happiness in the “Land of the Thunder Dragon”

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The NYC Skyline (photo by Thomas Hawk)

United States

Hot dogs and history in the cradle of the American Revolution

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History and biodiversity at the center of the world

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Ancient architecture and animal preservation in the Land of Smiles

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Art, science, and politics in the center of Europe

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A technology paradise steeped in ancient history

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Photo by Ben McIver


Nature and architecture in a world Down Under

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Exploration and imagination along the Great Wall and beyond

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