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Perspectives of Uruguay from all angles

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PRESENTED WITH THE OPPORTUNITY to jump the river to a new country, TGS students were asked to find something that interested them in Uruguay over our 26-hour stay. These self-directed projects were to live digitally and able to be shared to the masses (also known as new media).

The pre-IB students found support through their World Literature and Global Studies courses, with additional technical support in the newMedia Lab. Not only were they meant to find a topic that interested them from their in-country observations, but they were asked to dig deeper by conducting research and find the medium that best fit their project.

Research happened in Global Studies class using Questia or other databases, academic journals, or encyclopedias. Their topics ranged from why people are fascinated with sunsets to why there are so few Asians living in Uruguay. In World Literature, the students had been studying–through a variety of works including Borges, Tim O’Brien, Brian Winters, The Odyssey, and Martin Fierro–how people use different media or styles of literature to memorialize and make meaning of their experiences. The students utilized their Uruguay weXplore experience to do just that for their own musings.

All of their works can be found in a THINK Spot tag dashboard, a place on the school’s digital workspace where similar content can be compiled through the use of tags. Click on the image below to be directed toward these student perspectives, presented through many different media.

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