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Bailey and Megan at the Elephant Nature Park (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

A Rigorous Class Schedule.
A Flexible Day.

This is a week in the life of a THINK Global School Student.

Your schedule at THINK Global School includes traditional classroom learning, student-led activities, recreation and fitness, excursions, guest speakers, and plenty of built-in time to study, explore, hang out, reflect, and relax.

Schedules at THINK Global School are built to adapt to any of the unique prospects for learning that may pop up during the week – because why follow an agenda that doesn’t leave room for impromptu opportunities and spectacular experiences? If a local festival occurs on a weekday afternoon, we’ll reschedule classes so you can attend. If a surprise guest speaker drops by the night before a big test, you’ll get extra time to study. The idea is to keep schedules, students, and teachers open and adaptable to whatever might come their way.

At least twice per term, we suspend our classroom schedule and hit the road to experience our host country or region through deep immersion and activities. These weXplore excursions are a signature of education at THINK Global School, allowing you to apply learning from your academic subjects to the world around you.

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