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A High School Abroad.
A World Apart.

This is life at THINK Global School.

Life at THINK Global School means being immersed in another culture – often, several other cultures – at all times. Learning doesn’t stop when you leave the classroom: it’s fully integrated into the places you sleep, the food you eat, and the ways you get around.

Exploring new ways of life by actually living them is part of what it means to be a THINK Global School student. You’ll learn to quickly adjust to new cultures, accommodations, and cuisines each term, developing essential adaptation skills that will help you thrive in the most varied of circumstances throughout your life.

But student life at THINK Global School doesn’t end with the world around you. The school also has a unique culture of its own: one that fosters community, cooperation, and creativity. THINK Global students come from nations across the world to partake in an unforgettable learning experience together; along the way they create unique traditions and form bonds that cross borders and can last for lifetimes.

It’s just kind of surreal how much history we have together and how we will always be a part of each others’ lives even after we leave. Yuan Yuan, Class of 2016

Home Is Where You Lay Your Head

Just as no two countries are the same, no two housing situations at THINK Global School are quite alike. You may find yourself living in a dorm on a host school campus one term, an apartment in a bustling city the next, a bungalow in the jungle the following, and a series of hotel rooms, tents, and hammocks during our explorations. Yet all of our accommodations have one thing in common: you’ll be living as a community with other THINK Global School students and staff, and you’ll have a safe and comfortable place to lay your head each night.

In most situations, you’ll share a room with another student of your gender, with males and females living in different buildings or on separate floors. Student LIFE staff live among you, and there are always at least two staff members on duty to answer your questions or help you navigate the sometimes complex (but always rewarding) landscape of student life abroad.

From Grasshoppers to Gelato, Taste Something New Every Day

No cultural experience is complete without sampling the local cuisine. At THINK Global School you’ll have opportunities to try food that falls within (or way outside of) your comfort zones every day. While dining arrangements vary from country to country, we always guarantee three healthy, nutritious, and delicious meals and one snack for all students, every day, with vegetarian options available. Our dedicated StudentLIFE coordinators work with host school cafeterias, local restaurants, and grocery stores to ensure that you have the fuel you need to keep up with the demands of a rigorous international school education, and we take advantage of all possible opportunities to learn about the cultures around us by smelling, tasting, and even cooking their native cuisines.

Students have learned to roll sushi, make their own dumplings, and cook aromatic Thai curries, all within the context of learning with all five senses. Many carry these culinary lessons to new countries: some students have even started weekend breakfast crews with the aim of feeding fellow THINK Global School-ers with their own mouthwatering creations. 

Nutrition at THINK Global School

Becoming a global citizen means unlocking the self-sufficiency to live anywhere – and that includes knowing how to shop, cook, and eat! With this in mind we developed the THINK Global School nutrition plan, which allows you to purchase and prepare some of your own meals and snacks each week. Armed with nutrition guidelines from our school nurse, you’ll learn to shop on a budget, choose foods for variety, health, and taste, and cook meals ranging from basic to highly creative. The goal is to give you the life skills you’ll need to eat healthfully for the rest of your life, wherever you are in the world.


Be a Part of a House Without Walls

Like Eton, Winchester, and even Hogwarts, THINK Global School employs the house system to foster a deep sense of community, identity, and peer support across grades.

When you arrive you’ll be placed in one of four houses: Northland, Southland, Eastland, and Westland, each consisting of 10-12 students and one StudentLIFE House Master. Each house has its own colors, mottos, mascots, handshakes, and secret rituals – so even though you may not live in a separate building with your housemates, you’ll still experience a unique bond.  

Houses span grades, allowing you to learn from more experienced students when you arrive and pass along your knowledge as you progress. You’ll enjoy weekly dinners and intramural sports matches with your house, as well as the feeling of identity and belonging that comes from having a supportive community wherever you go.

Named after one of the four points on the compass, your house is intended to help guide you through your journey at THINK Global School, just as a point on a compass helps you navigate when you’re lost. When you’re part of a house, there’s always someone there to point you in the right direction!

Liisa, Class of 2015
Liisa, Yuan Yuan, and Hannah

Liisa, Class of 2015

“I spent many afternoons on the front porch of our campus drinking coffee with my favorite Mexican classmate. Sometimes we would talk, sometimes we would scroll our fingers down our phone screens … and some days we would just sit and stare at the rapidly moving clouds, admiring how the Costa Rican sky slowly turned bright yellow and orange.”

Getting Around When You’re Always on the Go

In the course of a term at THINK Global School your transportation options could range from burro to bullet train – and everything in between! Depending on our location, students walk, ride a bus, or take the metro to our host school; in some cases, you’ll already be living on campus. During weXplore excursions you’ll experience an even more diverse range of transportation: don’t be surprised if you end up going by land, air, and sea all in the same week.

Travel There and Back

You and your family are responsible for your travel to and from the three THINK Global School locations each year. Students from similar geographic locations often book the same itinerary so they can travel together, and THINK staff is happy to help you work with airline protocols for travel as an unaccompanied minor. THINK Global School staff members will greet you at the airport when you land and accompany you to your new surroundings – and when it’s time to go home, a staff member will also see you to the airport and help make sure you catch your flight.

How Will You Travel in Our Host Countries?

Whitewater RaftZiplineJeep
ATVHorsebackWater Taxi

StudentLIFE Staff: They’re Practically Family

THINK Global School’s staff-to-student ratio of nearly 2:1 is among the highest in the world, and many of these staff are devoted full time to making your day-to-day life run as smoothly as possible even when you’re going full-tilt.

Our multicultural StudentLIFE team includes a StudentLIFE coordinator, logistics coordinator, college and career counselor, nurse, and StudentLIFE advisors, all of whom are available to help you adjust to a life of rigorous studies, frequent travel, and a schedule that’s never quite the same each day. Whether you’re running a fever or just need a running buddy, they’re there to lend a shoulder, an opinion, or a helping hand.