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My Journey with THINK Global School

I have officially graduated from college! *Cue victory lap and loan repayment plan!*

There’s no doubt that the past four years have given way to a winding and retrospectively enriching journey. In that time, I have gained a wealth of knowledge—from the nuances of international conflict to the philosophical commentaries of Kant and Nietzsche, to visionary frameworks of tomorrow’s metropolises.

Yet, after all this time, the one thing I cannot seem to grasp is how to provide a concise and satisfying answer to the question, “Where did you go to high school?”

Between 2018 and 2020, I was a student of THINK Global School (TGS), which, if you could imagine, is only comparable to a mind-expanding expedition on a heroic dose of psilocybin. You might attempt to decode it in bits and pieces, but no one will ever truly grasp the experience unless they have witnessed and lived it themselves. Once you do describe it, people either think it’s the most enlightening thing they’ve ever heard of or that you’re some eccentric bohemian who’s completely lost touch with reality.

Let’s just say when I’m making small talk with someone in the dining hall, I say I went to a boarding school in New York, hoping to God they’re only asking to be polite.

A World of Learning

For those of you who are in it for the long run, I’ll hold your hand and do my best to explain. THINK Global School is the world’s first traveling high school, where students live and study in four countries annually. At TGS, my class traveled to (prepare for a mouthful) Botswana, India, Japan, Spain, Greece, China, Oman, and Panama. Students learn through ‘project-based learning’, meaning that learning is evaluated through the process and completion of a project, rather than an exam score. This approach is facilitated by the school’s Changemaker Curriculum, which emphasizes acquiring real-world skills and hands-on learning.

The lessons I learned at TGS left an indelible mark on my life, worldview, and decisions post-graduation. Aside from the obvious perks of attending a traveling high school, an invaluable aspect of the experience was the opportunity to engage substantively in my passions. Whereas traditional pedagogies predetermine a course catalog, the Changemaker Curriculum provides students with the autonomy and guidance to design their own learning paths. Before every term, students choose from a selection of teacher-led modules tailored to the term country’s cultural, historical, political, social, and/or philosophical context. Beyond modules, students create personal projects based on their unique interests and capabilities.

A Revolutionary Approach

Coming from a conservative Catholic school, this feature of TGS was unlike anything I had encountered before. I remember the thoughts that ran through my head when I first learned about it. Are you telling me that I have complete and utter control over the projects I can engage in? And not only that but I also have a two thousand dollar stipend to fund them. Gone were the days of writing vapid discussion posts or succumbing to rote learning routines. I was like Charlie Bucket walking back home after scraping up a couple bucks from the gutter for a Wonka Bar. And I’d just discovered the Golden Ticket.

At TGS, the possibilities felt boundless. I realized that education could be both enriching and enjoyable. TGS provides students with unparalleled opportunities to immerse themselves in diverse roles: a marine biologist identifying black wedged butterflyfish in Oman, a historian uncovering the legacy of Kaikolar weavers from South India, an artist mastering the shamisen for a Japanese folk and art rock EP, or an investigative journalist revealing how China’s Great Migration lifted millions from poverty.

The Changemaker Curriculum embodies a profound understanding that real-world problems demand an interdisciplinary approach and an iterative design process. Each novel experience prompted me to reflect, connect past and present knowledge, and consider the implications for my personal life and the solutions I create. For instance, a poignant conversation with a hibakusha—a surviving victim of the atomic bombs that devastated Imperial Japan—could inspire a multimedia exhibition about their untold story or a reevaluation of rigid historical perspectives. Through this pedagogy, every experience brims with possibilities, extending beyond the classroom into the real world. As a result, TGS students graduate with not just a report card, but a robust, holistic, and resilient mental model capable of tackling 21st-century challenges.

Real-World Impact

One of my proudest accomplishments at TGS was the creation of a sustainable startup focused on eco-friendly haircare solutions. I meticulously devised every aspect, from the go-to-market strategy and prototype development to the financial projections and comprehensive pitch deck. This endeavor not only refined my entrepreneurial acumen but also underscored the practical application of project-based learning. It imparted invaluable insights into the complexities of establishing a business from the ground up and the paramount importance of designing sustainability into a product’s lifecycle.

Another facet of TGS I deeply cherished was the collaborative projects that addressed needs within the locales we visited or in our home countries. The most remarkable of these was our collaboration with Kranti India, a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing girls from Mumbai’s red-light district. We devised an innovative marketing plan to increase exposure and donor acquisition. Aside from that, we also forged enduring connections with the organization. This experience accentuated the profound impact that purposeful projects can wield on both the community and the students engaged in them.

Lifelong Influence

Since graduating in 2020, the principles ingrained in me at TGS have profoundly shaped my post-graduation decisions. Motivated by passion and dissatisfaction with my school’s lackluster culture, I established a student organization to create a supportive space for creatives to express themselves and engage in TGS-like projects. This initiative sparked the creation of an ongoing publication, spurring new discussions about establishing a student culture that shared encompassed values ranging from cultural inclusion to environmental sustainability. Similarly, in early 2023, I used the TGS method to conceptualize the next issue of Convo Magazine, aiming to address anxieties about the future and technological trends by incorporating diverse voices. I submitted this issue to the 2023 Stella Zhang New Venture Competition at UCI Paul Merage School, reaching the finals by leveraging the skills I honed at TGS.

All these ideas were conceptualized through a framework instilled in me at TGS, characterized by an insatiable curiosity and unwavering perseverance. To this day, I continue to employ the tools taught to me by the school: establishing a driving question, inquiring and analyzing knowledge, developing solutions, and holistically evaluating each iteration. This method remains a cornerstone of my intellectual and creative endeavors. 

The TGS Community

The most invaluable aspect of TGS is the community, which you inevitably miss after leaving. You not only grow incredibly close to the people in your cohort but also to an expansive network of alumni. TGS is such a small school that everyone either knows each other personally or through less than two degrees of separation. In essence, the TGS experience is one that only 250 people in the world have ever had. You’d sooner become the ruler of a secluded islet in the Greater Antilles before meeting another individual who has lived and studied in 16 countries before the age of 18. This rarity—like meeting someone from your hometown in a sea of strangers—is to be cherished and appreciated, creating immediate connections among a diverse range of alumni spanning the globe.


In conclusion, THINK Global School is not just an educational institution—it is a transformative journey that prepares students to become global citizens and changemakers. The unique blend of traveling, project-based learning, and a close-knit community creates an unparalleled environment for personal and intellectual growth. If you are looking for an education that transcends traditional boundaries and fosters a global perspective, TGS is the place to be.

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Ready to embark on the educational journey of a lifetime?

A passion for travel. A strong academic record. And the desire to improve the world as you experience it. If this sounds like you, you just might be our ideal candidate! Start your application with a five-minute inquiry form - you never know where you might end up.

It all starts here.

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