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Zero to Infinity Student Photography Showcase

For the budding photographers among our ranks, our From Zero to Infinity project-based learning module provided the perfect opportunity to hone their skills in a country that’s always ready for its closeup. Students were tasked with answering the question “How can we use photography to visualize math?” by producing a photo exhibition that visually depicts a selection of the mathematical innovations of India, from zero to infinity; from handicrafts to the Taj Mahal.

By the midpoint of the term, students were beginning to see math at every turn: whether in the symmetry of the Taj Mahal or the curvature of a weathered street vendor’s smile. Their snapshots turned out stunning, and we invite you to view their From Zero to Infinity Photo Showcase, found below.


Shamsia D.

Photo Paper

I took the picture of the women the backyard of the Taj Mahal, where these women were in the garden, cutting the grass and cleaning the yard. One of them packed the fresh greens in a neat bundle before they started walking together. Buried underneath the ordinance of their everyday work lies the strength, these women have that goes unnoticed. I believe that every woman is a sign of empowerment and that we all have strong stories to tell, but most of the time their stories remain unheard and their great acts unrealized.

Yamuma River Washing

First when I saw the kids next to the Yamuna river washing their clothes. The fact that sparkle in my head that there are so many kids around the world that are forbidding from getting an education and instead they have to work for their family or either for their survival. Every time I see kids work I always wishing them having the opportunity that I have, however, my wish came true when everyone help and support those kids.


Vinod Kumar Sharma was taken us to a tour in Amber fort Places, When I took his picture, he raises his hand put it to gather and Namaste and smiled to the camera, however, his action was a sign of cultural welcome for me, and I appreciate it.

Palace of Crown

Taj Mahal meaning the “place of crown” is a white Marble on the mausoleum based on the South bank of the Yamuna River of Agra city,

The places constructed by Shah Jahan in 1932 and finished in 1943 for refreshing his princes’ dead Mumtaz.

Taj Mahal has been designed so beautifully by Islamic and Mughal architectures. Despite all of the history, first, when In our We Explore, we went and visited Taj Mahal, I noticed that Taj Mahal is not a place of love memories but is the home photography and place where math, geometry, trigonometry has been used on every corner it.


Charlotte S.

Your Yellow Sari

I wish I knew you more. She sat on this wall and looked at me through yellow saris. She gave me a moment that I am thankful for. Moments fly by fast, that is why I try to capture the ones I see. Life after all, is an abundance of tiny moments, that make an attempt at reaching infinity.

Age Captured in a Moment

Vinod Kumar Shama has worked at Amber Fort as a tour guide for 20 years. His wife and family live in Delhi, and he visits them frequently. When I asked him about how long he has worked here at this historical site, he took out his wallet and showed me a picture of himself. Same mustache. This photograph captures his sense of wonder and energy. Vinod is a joyful person and is very passionate about his work.

Imagining the City

I look down at a crowded city and wonder if the noise ever stops. Can someone sitting on their kitchen table for breakfast ever look up and hear nothing at all? Can they walk outside, breathe in deeply, and not have the urge to cough? Is it just because I am a foreigner and am not used to the pollution being an everyday reality? Do the natives know that the dust and clouds over the city that make the sunsets so beautiful, are actually just a result of pollution?

Shadows and Stars

Looking at the window, I see a constellation of stars in the shape of hexagons repeating. The light has been reflected onto the wall making me want to capture it at the perfect angle. We tend to forget the small beauties in the world, maybe this photo will help us remember them. The hexagon is one of my favorite shapes. Hexagons collide perfectly, they unite. Math is beautiful, and I think that a Hexagon is a shape that represents that beauty. They are symmetrically perfect and when they are repeated they move as one.


Hinda Ina B.


Mathematically speaking, Soeun has the “perfect” face. The Golden Ratio fits so well onto her face that it’s sometimes odd to think that one did not invent it for that purpose.

After strolling around the Red Fort and finally sitting down, I took my opportunity to take the 26th shot of Soeun this term. Tired, and in need for a break, she doesn’t refuse. I take multiple shots from multiple angles with multiple camera adjustments, but her facial expression does not change. Soeun continues to be calm and patient.

Home Away from Home

I saw my young brother in the eyes of this tiny, hype kid, and my father through the camera lense as he’s the family’s personal photographer. I heard my mother’s giggle through the smile of this lady with her blooming outfit. I felt a rush of comfort and nostalgia, and I felt warm; not because of the weather, but because of this affectionate environment.

Strangely enough, despite being 5883 km away from home, I hadn’t felt homesick (yet) throughout my 6 weeks stay in Mumbai. I guess India made me feel more than a foreign visitor, India welcomed me as a friend.

These four photographs summarize my journey in India. The family reminded me of appreciation for love and arts. Soeun was the one that dealed with my emotional unstability, and Shamsia was the one who consistently inspired me to continue working hard. The last photograph is the place I crawled back back to by the end of each day, home way from home.


Shamsia is one of the most positive people I know. She’s enlightened my moody, emotional days in Botswana, she’s aspired me to fight for equal rights. She tattooed smiley faces all over my hands, but she also tattoos her own smile in everyone’s head.

Shamsia tells me all different tales; some about war, some about a pretentiously pacifist government, some about her beloved mother, and most about her personal experiences. She’s a ray of hope. I look at Shamsia, and I’m certain that things will eventually be okay…if not, then that’s okay as well.

Although it doesn’t seem like it, she didn’t pose for this photograph. She was giggling for about the past 3 minutes, and this picture was taken when she was cooling down. Believe me, Shamsia’s a comedy show herself.

The picture was taken at Nahagargh. The await for the sun to set, my experience with a furious monkey, the multiple photoshoots, the satisfaction and excitement all over my friends’ faces, all made this experience one that I cannot forget.


This photo’s taken in Mumbai, Bandra West. It’s the street I passed by the most often, and it’s the tuc tucs that represent my first glimpse of India. Although only Jess and some means of transportation are portrayed in this picture, I see my whole journey in India. I think of the clash between religions and beliefs, the overwhelming smells and stares, food poisoning and hippie thrift stores, the running route by the seaside, the sunsets in the afternoon, and the unimaginable peaceful state of mind within the chaos.


Ryleigh I.

Extreme Beauty

I told her she was beautiful

She didn’t believe a word

But the cloth brought out her deep

telling eyes

And from her stride I saw her soul

Within an instant she was gone

But I watched as she left

Not only did I capture the smile

But the way she beautifully dressed


Extreme Wealth

As children on the road

Beg the struggling passer byers

Those untouched by hardship

Cower from the criers

And once the stone begins to crack

And the color fades away

All that’s left for beggars

Are the memories that will



Extreme Love

Buried in the depths of the beauty

Is the forgotten story of the pair

And how I must imagine

How her death brought his despair

With her 14 children and a pot of gold

He was left alone

She gave him all the love in the world

And for her a wonder of stone


Jess P.

Shadow Series

Often, one of the things most emphasized in photography is light. In order to get a good picture, people will go above and beyond to get ‘perfect lighting’. However, many people forget that shadows are just as important as light – they are opposites that work together to create what could be considered a good photograph. This is why I decided to focus on shadows for my final exhibition. I selected photos from our trip to Jaipur and Agra that I thought both had very clear and defined shadows, and showed off Indian architecture.





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Ready to embark on the educational journey of a lifetime?

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