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A Vision
to Shape the Future

Meet the people and ideas behind THINK Global School.

It started as a “what if…?”

Today, it’s an adventure come to life for 45 exceptional teens and a small army of teachers, StudentLIFE advisors, and support staff. The ideals behind THINK Global School are as unique as the experience it offers, and our staff and founders are as driven by a thirst for knowledge and desire to improve the world as the students who attend our school. Get to know our vision, our story, and (most importantly) our people. They may help you decide if THINK Global School is right for you.

THINK founder Joann McPike

Our Story

Travel back in time to the genesis
of THINK Global School.

It all started when founder Joann McPike thought: “what if?” See how the idea for THINK Global School grew from a seed to a sapling, then blossomed into a tree with branches that stretch across the world.

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Our People

Meet the global citizens shaping tomorrow’s leaders.

meet our people

Our faculty and staff come from around the world to participate in the shared vision of a new model of global education. Day-to-day, they’re committed to nurturing and inspiring students who are far from home.

Gawa and Yodsel greet their classmates
Jawed sips chai at the Golden Temple (India)
A meiko-san teaches a game (Kyoto, Japan)

Mission & Values

Discover our principles

We draw our values from cultures around the world, turning to the four corners of the globe for wisdom and inspiration as we strive to teach and inspire.

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Think Global School