Our People

Leadership Team

Jamie Steckart — Head of School

Jamie Steckart is THINK Global School’s head of school. Jamie is widely recognized as an engaging school leader and visionary educator, and he brings to TGS over twenty years of experience designing and leading schools which utilize place- and project-based learning. Jamie holds a master’s degree from the University of Minnesota and is a licensed teacher, principal and superintendent.

Ashley Silver — Head of Operations

As THINK Global School’s head of operations, Ashley supervises the school’s human resources and finance departments, its visa procurement for students and faculty, and its external relations, including host school development. As the director of weXplore, she integrates the unique offerings of each host city with the TGS curriculum to create meaningful educational experiences that go beyond what is possible in the traditional classroom environment.

Ashley attended school at the University of Florida, where she received her bachelor’s in business management, with a focus in psychology.

Mike Hourahine — Head of Technology and Strategic Outreach

As head of technology and strategic outreach at THINK Global School, Mike is responsible for creating a world-class mobile, technology-based high school environment. He is synthesizing today’s amazing developments in technology with the innovative practices of 21st-century teaching to create new ways for TGS students to learn in the classroom through digital platforms. Mike also designed SPOT, a web-based system that TGS students and teachers use to capture and share their experiences as they travel the world.

Mike received his bachelor of science with honors in computer science from Queen’s University in Ontario in 1998. He completed the Queen’s Executive Development Information Technology Program in 2005, and took graduate-level courses in software engineering at the University of Waterloo from 2005 to 2007.

Onsite Faculty and Staff

Adam Sturman — Student LIFE Coordinator

Adam is THINK Global School’s director of residential life. After completing certificates in exercise prescription and event management at the New Zealand Institute of Sport, Adam continued on with his education at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT), where he gained a bachelor of sport and recreation with a concentration in sports science. He developed an interest in education during this time, and stayed on at AUT to gain a postgraduate diploma of secondary teaching, subsequently becoming a qualified physical education and health teacher.

Beverley Bloem — Guidance and Career Counselor

Beverley Bloem is THINK Global School’s guidance and career counselor. In her role as career counselor, Beverley is responsible for providing students with college and career guidance in order to help them make informed choices as they prepare for life after TGS. In her role as guidance counselor, Beverley seeks to provide a positive living and learning environment by walking alongside students as they face academic, social, and personal challenges.

Beverley’s career in education has included a diverse range of stops all over the world; among them, she’s taught in the remote African village of Maun, Botswana, and counseled at international schools in Southern Germany and the affluent Qatari city of Doha. Beverley received her undergraduate degree in secondary education from Edgewood Teacher’s Training College (South Africa) and her master’s in counseling from Wake Forest University (USA).

Breanna Reynolds — IB Language and Literature Teacher

Breanna Reynolds is THINK Global School’s IB language and literature teacher. Breanna has supervised teachers and conducted visitations in over 20 different academic institutions in India, including private, modern, and government schools with national standardized curricula. In 2008, Breanna received a Fulbright Scholarship as a foreign exchange teacher in New Delhi, India, and she was nominated by the Department of State to be the resident director of the educational seminar India Summer Teacher Program for four years in a row.

Breanna received her bachelor’s in secondary education and English from Arizona State University and her master’s from Boston University’s School of Education.

Chung Man Chan — Pre-IB & IB Visual Arts Teacher

Chung Man Chan is THINK Global School’s Pre-IB & IB visual arts Teacher. Prior to joining TGS, Chung Man spent five years teaching IB visual arts at various international schools in Hong Kong. Originally from Australia, Chung Man’s professional background also includes time working as an arts administrator for a major art museum in Sydney.

Chung Man received her Bachelor of Fine arts in painting at the Sydney College of the Arts; she went on to complete her Master of Arts in teaching at the University of Sydney in 2009.

Guillermo Machado — Pre-IB & IB Math Teacher

Guillermo Machado is THINK Global School’s Pre-IB & IB mathematics teacher. After completing a challenging M.A degree in physics at Oxford University’s Lincoln College, Guillermo enrolled at the Open University (Milton Keyes, England), where he attained a postgraduate certificate in systems engineering.

Guillermo’s professional career includes five years in the renewable energy industry, and he is currently in his fifth year of teaching. After moving away from the energy industry, Guillermo completed a postgraduate certificate in education (PCGE) through Nottingham University, in which he was awarded a distinction. He is currently completing an online masters in education and leadership through Nottingham University.

Jarret Voytilla — IB Environmental Systems & Societies / IB Biology Teacher

Jarret Voytilla is THINK Global School’s IB ESS and IB biology teacher. Prior to joining TGS, Jarret spent seven years teaching internationally at the secondary level, including five years working intimately with the IB Diploma Programme. He is a passionate advocate of the philosophy and mission of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO).

Jarret’s teaching area of specialization is the natural and experimental sciences, and he taught and coordinated biology, physics, environmental systems, and health sciences for seven years in Mexico. He holds IBO teaching certifications for both environmental systems and extended essay instruction.

Lindsay Clark — Media Specialist / newMedia Lab Teacher

Lindsay Clark is THINK Global School’s media specialist and newMedia Lab teacher. In her role as media specialist, Lindsay is responsible for all aspects of onsite photography, video and use of social media. Through the newMedia Lab, Lindsay works directly with students to help develop their media skills and support the production of a variety of media forms for curriculum and reflective purposes.

Lindsay graduated with honors from Indiana University’s Henry Radford Hope College of the Arts, with a bachelor’s in studio art and art history. In 2009, she won the World Traveler Internship from STA Travel, beating over 700 applicants for the chance to document 11 weeks of extensive travel and develop a multimedia marketing campaign.

Michelle Marshall — StudentLIFE Advisor

As a StudentLIFE advisor, Michelle assists with THINK Global School’s daily boarding operations. Her responsibilities include supervising the students, enforcing expectations and consequences when necessary; assisting with the schedule of travel and activities; and serving as a positive role model, resource, and guide for TGS students at all times. Drawing upon her experience as a leadership coordinator at her previous school, Michelle will also establish and run the TGS Student Leadership program.

Before her teaching career began, Michelle was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces. She graduated from the Royal Military College of Canada with a bachelor’s degree in commerce, and went on to serve as a finance officer. Michelle completed her second degree, a baccalaureate in education, at the University of Ottawa. Her background in teaching includes ten years at Ashbury College, where she taught IB physics and grades nine and ten science. Michelle is an avid fan of athletics and the outdoors, and incorporates as much of her professional practice in outdoor experiential learning as possible.

Nick Martino — IB Anthropology / Global Studies Teacher

Nick Martino is THINK Global School’s IB anthropology and ninth & tenth grade global studies teacher. He holds certificates for International Baccalaureate Social and Cultural Anthropology, and he has offered workshops for the International Baccalaureate Organization on the effectiveness of anticipatory sets as well as service-learning and creativity, action, service. Nick graduated from Virginia’s University of Mary Washington in 2006, receiving his bachelor’s in history and secondary education.

In 2007, Nick was named a Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction for his work teaching United States and Virginia history. And the Washington Post named Nick an Agnes Myer Outstanding Educator and Stafford County Teacher of the Year in 2011.

Russell Cailey — IB History / Theory of Knowledge Teacher

Russell Cailey is THINK Global School’s theory of knowledge and IB history teacher. Prior to joining TGS, he taught the humanities and social sciences for six years, based primarily in Manchester.

To enhance his teaching credentials, Russell pursued an MA in international politics and earned his stripes as a teacher at Keele University, in England, where he was awarded a postgraduate certificate of education (sociology and social studies). During this course, he gained the Advanced Teaching Award for excellence in the classroom and for going beyond the standards expected by the university.

Sam Nelson — Pre-IB & IB Spanish Teacher

Sam Nelson is THINK Global School’s Pre-IB and IB Spanish teacher. A lifelong and passionate linguist, Sam’s experience delivering Spanish lessons in IB programs encompasses nine years. Prior to joining the staff of THINK Global School, Sam taught at an IB World School in the Bahamas, and before that at the Anglo European School in Essex, England. Both schools featured a mixture of native and non-native students, providing Sam with valuable experience instructing in English and Spanish. Throughout his professional career, Sam has also had the opportunity to accompany his students on a number of international trips, including visits to Spain, Belgium, France, Argentina, and Madagascar.

Sam received his bachelor’s degree, with honors, in Spanish and French from Coventry University, and his qualified teacher status (QTS) from Newman College, Birmingham.

Stephanie Scott — Nurse / StudentLIFE Advisor

Stephanie Scott is THINK Global School’s nurse and a StudentLIFE advisor. In her role as school nurse, Stephanie is responsible for providing nursing care and physical examinations to our students, faculty, and onsite staff; maintaining, evaluating, and interpreting cumulative health data to accommodate the individual needs of our students; overseeing the administration of daily and PRN medication; and acting as a liaison between our students, school personnel, parents, and healthcare providers in matters pertaining to wellness and health.

As a StudentLIFE advisor, Stephanie assists with THINK Global School’s daily boarding operations. Her responsibilities include supervising the students, enforcing expectations and consequences when necessary; assisting with the schedule of travel and activities; and serving as a positive role model, resource, and guide for TGS students at all times.

Stephanie attended Virginia’s James Madison University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in nursing, minor in Spanish.

Tashi Mar — Onsite Technology Coordinator / StudentLIFE Advisor

Tashi Mar is THINK Global School’s onsite technology coordinator and a member of the StudentLIFE team. As our onsite technology coordinator, Tashi is responsible for ensuring that all hardware repairs are completed and assisting our students and staff by providing technical support and technology integration in the classroom. In his role as a StudentLIFE advisor, Tashi provides supervision, care, and leadership to our students during their time outside of the classroom setting.

Prior to joining THINK Global School, Tashi spent several years working in the network computing industry, primarily as a VoIP telephony engineer. He received his bachelor’s in information technology from Rochester Institute of Technology, and is an Eagle Scout, the highest rank attainable in the Boy Scouts of America.

Tessa Siebrits — Science Teacher

Tessa Siebrits is THINK Global School’s ninth & tenth grade science teacher. Tessa’s teaching background includes over 30 years of experience teaching biology at the high school level, including fifteen years instructing at the International Baccalaureate level, twelve of which she spent as an IB biology examiner. Over the course of her extensive teaching career, Tessa has also instructed general and co-ordinated sciences, physics and chemistry for students up to the 10th grade level.

Tessa received her formal education at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, where she attained a double major in botany and zoology. Ten years into her teaching career, she returned to the University of Cape Town to attain a degree in sports science.

Remote Staff

Lily Just — Director of Admissions

As the Director of Admissions, Lily oversees the areas of new student recruitment, admissions, enrollment and orientation, as well as re-enrollment for continuing students. Meeting with prospective students, their parents and advisors from around the world, she is responsible for illustrating the details of our unique school model and identifying the distinctive candidates who will become new TGS students.

Lily graduated from Yale University in 1997, where she studied philosophy and psychology. In 2003, she obtained her master’s degree in business administration from the Freeman School of Business at Tulane University.

Melanie Anderson — Admissions Associate

In her role as admissions associate, Melanie assists on various functions related to student recruitment and professional affiliations. She works closely with the admissions director on strategic planning, recruiting initiatives, enrollment, and database maintenance.

Melanie earned her bachelor’s in psychology from the University of South Florida and has twenty years experience in the admissions field, serving as an admissions director for a middle/high school level boarding school for ten years. She has also served on various committees and boards, including six years as president of the Southeastern Association of Boarding Schools and four years as an accreditation committee member for AdvanceEd.

Laura Gardner — HR Coordinator / Executive Assistant to the Head of Operations

Laura functions as THINK Global School’s HR coordinator and executive assistant to the head of operations. In her role as HR coordinator, Laura is responsible for all things related to human resources, including recruitment and onboarding of new employees, benefits administration, payroll, and creating and maintaining HR policies and procedures. As the executive assistant to head of operations, Laura helps to keep Ashley’s schedule running smoothly. She also travels alongside Ashley to each host country to assist in the set-up process.

Laura received her bachelor’s in environmental analysis and policy from Boston University. She has eight years experience working as an assistant and over five years experience working in human resources.

Heather Koromaus — Global Travel Coordinator

As director of global travel coordination, Heather is responsible for assisting TGS faculty and staff with booking international travel. She also coordinates with TGS administrators and outside counsel regarding host-country immigration needs for the school. Heather studied psychology at Pennsylvania State University, where she graduated with honors and distinction. She is also a member of the academic honor society Phi Beta Kappa.

Vanessa Aybar — Controller

As THINK Global School’s controller, Vanessa is responsible for the accounting operations of the organization, including the production of periodic financial reports, maintenance of an adequate system of accounting records, and a comprehensive set of controls and budgets designed to mitigate risk, enhance the accuracy of the organization’s reported financial results, and ensure that reported results comply with generally accepted accounting principles.

Vanessa received her bachelor of science in accounting from the University of Florida in 2006 as well as her Master of Professional Accounting from the University of Miami in 2007. She has over nine years of experience in accounting for not for profits and independent schools.

Rachel Corso — Offsite Administrative Assistant

Rachel functions as THINK Global School’s administrative assistant. In her role, Rachel provides general administrative support to the head of operations, HR coordinator, and the head of technology. Rachel studied English literature at Quinnipiac University, where she graduated with honors and distinction. She is currently attending Sarah Lawrence College for her MFA in creative writing.

Jeff Tilson — Web Developer / Systems Administrator

Jeff is THINK Global School’s web developer and systems administrator, responsible for developing and maintaining the school’s in-house custom social learning platform (THINK Spot) and all other technical aspects of the school’s servers and user devices. He attended Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada, where he obtained his computer programming Ontario college diploma.

Lee Carlton — IT Analyst

Serving as THINK Global School’s IT Analyst, Lee is responsible for the coordination, management, and analysis of a variety of systems within the overall suite of technology, including the student information system and school website. He graduated from William Paterson University in 2006, receiving his bachelor’s in business administration, with a concentration in marketing.