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Exploring innovations in education technology at BETT 2016

  • February 3, 2016

  • by Sam Nelson

Today I found myself on a flight back to my homeland. The reason for my hasty return after a few short weeks in Sarajevo? A trip to London for BETT, the UK’s largest ed-tech conference and trade show. My first impression of BETT was the vast size of the venue. The Excel Centre has over 87,000 square meters of floor space and is home to a wide range of events,...

January 29, 2016

Presenting the first ever TGS Literary Laureate Awards

by Lee Carlton

We had the good fortune to be in Stockholm, Sweden, during Nobel Week late last year, which meant that laureate hopefuls from all over the world descended on our host city in hopes of claiming the top prize in one of the following fields: Physics Chemistry Physiology or medicine Literature Economic sciences The promotion of peace During the month of December, our students worked diligently in their humanities classes to research...

December 18, 2015

Alumni Spotlight

by By Staff

Julia Schiller Julia is a freshman at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University majoring in homeland security.  Since graduating TGS she has been involved with politics in Brazil as an ambassador for her political party. This summer she will be doing an internship in London with one of their intelligence sectors.  She wasn’t able to specify which one, which makes us even more intrigued!   Yada Pruksachatkun Since graduating TGS two years ago,...

Stockholm: our terms THEN and NOW

by By Staff

So there I was again.  Five years after the launch of THINK Global School, I was back in Stockholm.  As a TGS location, Stockholm has always had a special place in my heart.  No doubt because of its many endearing qualities, but more likely because it was our first location.  On a few walks during my recent visits to TGS in Stockholm, little corners of my memories of our first...

TGS explores the Arctic Circle through photos and videos

by Lee Carlton

Each term at THINK Global School includes at least one extended weXplore adventure. It's a chance for our students to venture outside of their host city -and sometimes their comfort zone- to truly experience the local culture. Our Sweden term was no different, and after embarking on an eighteen-hour train ride, our students found themselves in one of the most secluded and beautiful places on earth: the Arctic Circle. Enjoy...

December 15, 2015

Highlights from our music-filled week in the UK

by Lee Carlton

Recently our students had the opportunity to embark on a distinctly Swedish adventure, complete with dog-sledding, cross-country skiing, and a look into the culture of the Sami people who have called northern Sweden home for centuries. But before that monumental trip, our students had the opportunity to visit a culture where bulldogs are celebrated instead of sled dogs, and people are more likely to play cricket than go skiing. I’m...

December 7, 2015

THINK Global School recognized as an Apple Distinguished School

by Lee Carlton

  We are excited to announce that THINK Global School has been selected as an Apple Distinguished School for 2015-2017. The Apple Distinguished School designation is reserved for schools and programs that meet criteria for innovation, leadership, and educational excellence, and demonstrate a clear vision of exemplary learning environments.  Apple Distinguished Schools demonstrate the use of Apple hardware, apps, and content to promote creativity, collaboration, innovation, and critical thinking to...

What compels us to help others?

by Andrew D.

Being nomadic can make it difficult to identify a "local" community, one to support and give back to. As we continue to move from place to place, constantly changing phone numbers and revising our routines, it becomes easier to detach from those we come across in the places we call our temporary homes. It can be easier to live like this, not taking the time to connect with the needs...

December 2, 2015

My travel romance

by Sally A.

Travel has been my absolute biggest crush for as long as I can remember. I could daydream for hours and hours about cities, countries, and continents all around the world: how it would be like, about the people I’d meet, the person I’d be. I dreamed of walking in a tropical rainforest, the canopy trees closing in on the sky above me, the mud under my boots splashing up with...

November 30, 2015

Refugee aid at the heart of student production ‘Meet Me in Dreamland’

by Lindsay Clark

What do TGS students do when they have something meaningful to say? Some write op-ed articles for their own political blogs. Others create videos to submit to international film festivals. A few practice late into the night on their choreography while many share their thoughts through photographs. Through experiencing the world firsthand, these students have become talented communicators and expressive individuals that share how the world affects them. Starting our...

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