Applying TGS’s core values to math (part two)

To begin the 2014-15 school year, IB mathematics teacher Guillermo Machado asked his 11th grade students to consider THINK Global School’s seven values and how they relate to math. He then asked them to answer the following two questions:

  • How do they help us as mathematics learners?
  • How can mathematics help us with the development and practice of these values?

One of his students, Fatima, went above and beyond, mixing humor and media into her well-thought-out responses. You can view her work below:

You can view part one here.


Persevere – embrace challenges with passion and courage.

Math is very terrifying — particularly if you are not a big fan of it. You might not appreciate your weekly math classes and see them as a burden, but the truth is: math does not suck. In reality, this painful subject builds up your confidence and teaches you the basics of life. It teaches you things like budgeting, planning, and how to understand the simplest ways of life. So when you’re about to walk up to the door of your math class, don’t be like Fashayme and get a headache before you even start working! Be open minded, embrace the challenges that seem unnecessary to you, stay positive, and believe in yourself. Keep grit in mind!

改善 Kaizen (Japanese)

Continually improve – be self-aware, responsible and disciplined.

My dad always tells me that in order to succeed in math, you have to keep practicing. He also says that the more exercises you do, the more tricks you discover. This technique makes all the tests so much easier, and with time you’ll notice a difference in everything — mainly your grades. Prepare for your tests, try to follow in class, and if you don’t understand, just ask for help. Your teacher is there for you! Your classmates are there for you! Be serious, listen to your pals, and don’t disturb others. Pay attention in class and shine bright like a diamond!

Ubuntu (African)

Connect to a greater whole – in mutual support and community.

Our classroom is our community. We are all here to support each other throughout our hardest times while doing math. We are here to help each other succeed, work in groups, share ideas, and speak our minds. In math class, mainly during the turbulent exam time, people are in need of a sense of positivity and connection to a greater whole. We are a team. We have the same goal. We all want to kick the IB in the face, and our task is to keep ubuntu in mind for the next two years!

Applying TGS’s core values to math (part one)

Math is very painful for people like myself, people who tend to put a barrier between themselves and the subject. While doing math, you need to be open-minded, give it 100% of your effort, and learn to love it.

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