Los Deportes Extremos en New Zealand (video)

Yuan Yuan, Tiana, Madeline, Sydney, Fatima, and Paul teeter on the edge of Auckland’s Sky Tower

New Zealand’s diverse terrain is an unparalleled playground for the wild at heart, and many of its 4 million residents crave the thrills that come with mountain biking, kayaking, bungee jumping, and zorbing (rolling down mountains and hills in a giant inflated hamster ball for those of us living on flat land).

Spanish teacher Sam Nelson and his grade 11 students decided to embrace the spirit of adventure during their time in New Zealand and devoted a unit to the country’s love affair with extreme sports. One video project during the unit focused on the popular activity of sky walking atop the 1,076 foot tall Sky Tower in New Zealand’s capital city of Auckland. Sam’s students broke into groups to research the topic, interview people about the Sky Walk experience, dub their answers into Spanish, and finally take park in the skywalk itself. Cameras were rolling the whole time to capture the high altitude and high intensity footage.

The following video was filmed, edited, and produced by students Paul, Fatima, and Sydney, who capture the moment and spirit perfectly (en español, por supuesto!). We’ve included subtitles so that everyone can enjoy. And if you are ever in New Zealand, we highly recommend that you give the skywalk a try!

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