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Service learning in Biancavilla

weXplore: service learning in Biancavilla, Italy

  • June 21, 2016

  • by Stephanie Scott

During our time in Biancavilla, we stayed with a family who work together to create a safe space for newcomers and locals to Italy escaping a troubled time in their life. The family's hearts are open and giving, and our weXplore Sicily group got the chance to experience their hospitality, hear their humbling stories, and contribute to their countryside farm and space. Our group took care of their therapy donkeys,...

June 17, 2016

TGS brightens up Florence during the 5K Color Run

by Grace S. and Eden H.

This past Saturday, Eden and I, along with twenty-six other TGS students and staff, joined the runners of Firenze at The Color Run. In our Grade 10 Leadership class, we were asked to pair up and plan a day trip for other TGS members to sign up for. Originally, Eden and I wanted to take a bus to Carrara to learn about the marble mines and take a marble carving...

weXplore: Venice, Italy

by Lee Carlton

With our time in Italy winding to a close, the grade 10 and 11 students have embarked on their final weXplore of the school year. Some of the students elected to join teachers Adam Sturman, Chung Man Chan, and Tessa Siebrits and explore Italy's city on water, Venice. Activities here have included a glassblowing demonstration, a scavenger hunt at the Doge's Palace, and a mask making workshop to learn about...

June 3, 2016

weXplore: the gastronomic payoff

by Lee Carlton

After honing their culinary skills during the Emilia-Romagna weXplore, our ten young chefs returned to Florence ready to mince, peel, and puree a spectacular six-course meal for their classmates and the TGS staff. The community-building exercise also closed out a day filled with place-based learning presentations, where our students displayed a wide variety of lessons and skills they learned while exploring Italy. Photos from the meal All photos courtesy of Jarret...

May 27, 2016

weXplore: Italy for the food-obsessed

by Jarret Voytilla and Lindsay Clark

This week, ten of our students (accompanied by supervisors and fellow culinary enthusiasts Jarret Voytilla and Lindsay Clark) departed Florence for Emilia-Romagna, the region north of Tuscany that is home to some of the most famous ingredients in Italian cooking. After a week-long sensory exploration, the ten students will return to Florence and prepare an authentic Italian gastronomic exposition for the students and staff of TGS. The purpose of the Emilia-Romagna weXplore is to explore the...

May 13, 2016

Anti-establishment politics and the rise of Italy’s Five Star Movement

by Jill Benik and Lee Carlton

This week, Nick Martino and his Grade 11 social and cultural anthropology students welcomed Alfonso Bonafede, a member of Italy’s Parliament, into their classroom to discuss the rise of populism and technology within Italian politics. During the conversation, Mr. Bonafede explained how political awareness is paramount in every society while indifference is deadly for democracy -- arguably never truer than right now. Alfonso Bonafede Is a member of the anti-establishment,...

May 4, 2016

Grade 10 provide meals -and dignity- to Rome’s homeless

by Lee Carlton

Recently, during our Rome weXplore, our grade 10 students had the opportunity to participate in a particularly fulfilling place-based learning lesson by teaming up with the non-profit organization Project Rome for an afternoon. Project Rome, founded by British expats Mary Stuart-Miller and Steven Barnes, is “an initiative to encourage and inspire kindness, love, compassion and caring, worldwide, and bring human warmth to those who need it most.” The initiative took...

April 15, 2016

Seven interesting facts about Florence, Italy

by Lee Carlton

This week, THINK Global School kicked off its term in Florence, Italy. To celebrate, we’ve put together a list of seven interesting facts about our new host city. So whether you’re working on a school project or planning a trip to Florence yourself, we hope these interesting facts shine a little light on the “city of lilies." Now on to the facts! 1) Florence Nightingale was born here Florence is known for...

April 1, 2016

Seven interesting facts about Bosnia and Herzegovina

by Lee Carlton

With THINK Global School’s term in Bosnia and Herzegovina recently concluded, we thought we’d share a few interesting facts about the heart-shaped country with you. Whether you are working on a school project or planning a trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina yourself, we hope you find these seven facts useful!! Fact #1) Sarajevo was the first city in Europe with a full-time electric tram Trams have a long history in...

March 28, 2016

Sarajevo: the city steeped in stories

by Elliot W.

The tram, adorned in a blanket of graffiti, makes its first stop since I stepped on. The tired doors creak open to reveal the mall. Home to all the foreign cuisine and expensive clothes shops in Sarajevo, its glass windows, doors and walls scream modernity. It is a distinct contrast to what the tram passes minutes later: streets defined by buildings of beige, peach, cream and grey, littered with bullet...