Humans of Pura Vida: a student photography project

“Escuchamos la radio y leemos sobre las guerras en diferentes partes del mundo… tenemos suerte; Nuestra familia se siente segura aquí/We listen to the radio and we read about the wars in different parts of the world… We are lucky; our family feels safe here.”

Since its launch in 2010, Brandon Stanton’s photographic census Humans of New York has been capturing the attention and hearts of viewers the world over. An ever-growing collection of street photography, Stanton’s photos and their accompanying captions tell a salient story, one individual at a time.

During the course of the average day, we shoot cursory glances at hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals, mildly critiquing or praising their clothing, aesthetics, and actions, but little else. Stanton’s photo’s invite us to put aside our judgment and recognize the subject’s uniqueness. And when we do so, we find out just how easy it can be to relate to anyone.

Humans of Pura Vida

Inspired by Humans of New York and armed with the advantage of travel, our Spanish teacher, Sam Nelson, set up a project in Monteverde, Costa Rica, for his grade 11 students to build off of the Humans of New York concept. The result, Humans of Pura Vida, provided his students with the opportunity to interact with the locals, practice their Spanish dictation and writing, and learn about daily life in Central America’s happiest country.

“Aquí, la vida es fácil. No necesitamos cerrar la puerta con llave por miedo de ladrones como en la ciudad, solamente necesitamos vigilar nuestras cosas de los monos!/Here, life is easy. We do not need to close the door for fear of thieves like in the city, only need to monitor our things from the monkeys!”

The project was well-received by Sam’s students, and he looks forward to keeping it open-ended as we traverse the world (likely with a name change). You can find all of the Grade 11 photos and captions (with translations) on the Humans of Pura Vida Facebook page. Like what you see? Our students love feedback!

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